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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday 28th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – favorable period for over all stability and happiness, you will particular do well in career as your entire focus is directed towards it.
Do – This is the onset of the period when your own involvement will increase, that will bring happiness from many front, education, relationship, marriage all these areas will benefit with your involvement.
Don’t – don’t look at the possibility for alternatives without proper planning, changes may not give you as much as you would expect hence don’t move on that path.
Vrish –Weak period as even health can be a cause of concern, some stomach related problem may aggravate and may even lead to fever, you are not taking proper care of your health.
Day special –You have been trying to forge ahead in your professional career, but circumstances have kept you confused, now the time is coming to move ahead with total devotion.
Mithun – Relationships are under pressures and you can be distressed to that but the circumstances are changing very fast and the situation will improve.
Do – You are trying to listen to others and help others that will eventually bring about the desired change of situations.
Don’t – don’t create stress for yourself even from routine matters psychological situations have to be shed as you are gradually moving towards growth and prosperity.
Karka –financial prosperity has to be protected in the days to come, for that matter your involvement towards home, family and marriage must be also maintained as there is likelihood of it getting weakened.
Day special –you do not trust your boss and for that reason the professional angle is getting weak, you have to involve better to improve your performance that only will convince your boss about your integrity.
Simha – For some time your performance had become weak now circumstances are opening up to give you the advancement and the right direction, but your thinking is very confused and diverted.
Do – First of all stay committed towards your relationships, that one factor can lead to stability of your thinking.
Don’t – don’t get in to unnecessary conflicts at your work place, circumstance are gradually improving and you will be out of these problems soon.
Kanya –Very auspicious period in many ways and luck is on your side to protect you and to give you gains
Day special –yours saving will improve and that can be lead to creation of financial assets also but investment in property at this stage can best be avoided.
Tula –You have been having devoted concentration towards family, that has given you gains and that is a good indication to see, now a time is coming to shift that focus towards your performance as well as your relationships.
Do –Positive thinking has helped you in the past, this is the period to continue with that and gains from these forces.
Don’t – don’t think of obstacle at every step of life except the reality the obstacles are there for everyone, but don’t get too stressed and don’t run away from your responsibilities.
Vrishchik –Travel may be on your mind, and you deserve a change also, but financial pressures are continuing for a while for which you may have to postpone your plans.
Day special –Changes or change of place may become heavy on your mind, but you can not take decision impulsively as that may not be the right thing to do.
Dhanu – Financial prosperity has supported you, but now a time is coming to work for it and stabiles that goodness further.
Do –Luck has supported you immensely and the God has been kind in many ways, but you may have to avoid any decision connected with investment for a while.
Don’t – don’t think of gains from property at this stage, your expectations may not be met and therefore, you will have to postpone those decisions.
Makar – Very auspicious period in many ways, but you should not be wasting your money to improve that auspiciousness.
Day special – Despite goodness emerging in many ways there are many self created mistakes from your side, you have to improve your optimism and be stable in your thinking, move forward step by step and success will be yours.
Kumbh –Financial auspiciousness is indicated but most of it getting wasted because you have not planned at all, each day can not bring gains, but you have to work hard everyday for your prosperity.
Do – At your work place you need to shed your fears and anxieties otherwise you may get into differences of opinion.
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk, under such circumstances it is better to close your fist as that can protect you.
Meena –Pressures on finances have been there, and they are likely to increase in the days to come, you have to therefore, understand the demand of the present period.
Day special – Concentrate on your career and try to understand the expectations of your boss, these two factors can actually make lot of difference in your present situation.

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