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Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday 9th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are worried for home property and your well wishers, but these r largely issues and factors made up in the mind and not so real.
Day special – most of it is because of your stiff nature, you are not happy with some love relationship as it is progressing, but you have to keep patience.
Vrish – travel for and far off linkages may not prove to be as happy as you expect ,for that reason u may have to reconsider your plans however lucrative they may seem though.
Do – Professional and personnel involvement in focused way is recommended, involve with family and in your marriage, that will give happiness
Don’t – don’t be stressed be routine issues they will continue for a while but u have to accept it as a reality.
Mithun – stress and pressures of finances will be there, someone may cheat u and that can lead to differences of opinions.
Day special – psychologically u may have to be very calm otherwise this may lead to conflict and disputes, conflicts connected with any financial matter has to be handled very carefully.
Karka - you may be worried about your career but actually there is no reason for that, your boss is supportive and you r doing well.
Do – your commitment towards work is excellent, but your own efforts r reducing and that is a cause for concern.
Don’t – don’t ignore the need for u to improve your knowledge, but your focus is elsewhere and you are not working hard enough, don’t let that weakness emerge in your life.
Simha – if u depend on luck then it may be lead to loss only , that is something which u have to understand at this stage,
Day special – actually it is a very lucky period and many things are under control, your involvement and cooperation with the family will give u lots of happiness.
Kanya – You are worried for your monetary inflows, indirectly that is an obstacle which can lead to loss also, this period requires very careful planning
Do – avoid any kind of financial Risk which u may be carrying, it is not wise to put yourself in trouble when it can be avoided.
Don’t – don’t ignore the need for u to involve better with your family members, that need is becoming essential as u may have to play a bigger role to take care of others.
Tula – your worries about your career are only partly valid, financial rewards from your career r excellent and that is not a cause for concern, but your involvement is now reducing
Day special – You have to involve better in the days to come, you have to understand this fact fully for future that can protect your professional excellence in the days to come.
Vrishchik - because of your stiff and rigid attitude u may get into conflicts or differences of opinions with others, this is also not the time to depend on luck as there can be upsets
Do – you have to become mild in your attitude as that is the urgent requirement, generally financial situation is stable.
Don’t – don’t forget that you are carrying an inherent risk in your financial matters, that can cause psychological pressures also which you have to face
Dhanu – on emotional matters u may be a little stressed, more and more thoughts about your career are now emerging for u gradually.
Day special – this is still the time to keep lots of patience and not rush into things, don’t be distressed unnecessarily as there is no need for that.
Makar – You are not happy with your family as well as your marriage, these r minor issues which are creation of your own mistakes.
Do – if you understand the reasons for these pressures then u will be able to resolve them also, health is also a concern which needs care,
Don’t – don’t ignore the bigger game plan, u r likely to gain immensely if you keep stable head, but in this bargain u have to be careful with your boss.
Kumbh – travels or changes can lead to higher expenses, that can increase your liabilities also and that you have to protect.
Day special – your expenses r likely to increase now and that is something you have to take care now, financial prosperity needs to be protected at times and that is what you have to do.
Meena – some love relation is not giving you as much happiness as you wish, you need to talk over certain matters to resolve those issues, but more than anything else u have to be pleasant with others and u will be able to win the hearts.
Do – generally stable period in many ways, but financial issues need better handling as there are many confusions In that.
Don’t – don’t get into relationships blindly, ascertain the facts and find the truth, only then you have to move forward and commit yourself.

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