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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday 23rd December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –To improve your stability of life further you have to work hard in your carrier, this is not period to test you luck and to bring about unnecessary changes.
Day special – You are thinking of alternatives at this stage, even you wish to test your partner and associate, but above all you have to improve your performance.

Vrish –Obstacles are under control and that is a good indication to see, but financial situation is not as comfortable as you wish that to be
Do – Yours strength at this stage lies in your carrier only, you have to improve your involvement with others and also accept the realities of financial pressures as there is no alternatives
Don’t – don’t create stress for your self with your friends, expecting too much at this stage may not solve your problems, don’t create psychological pressure for yourself by expecting too much.

Mithun –Some love relationship continue to bother you, this is also a reality which needs to be accepted by you,
Day special – Your focus is diverted that is creating weakness in your life, you have to sit down and fix your priorities as to what you should do at this stage that is important.

Karka –Pressures and differences in marriage are evident you are trying to involve well and that is a praiseworthy situation but still you are not able to achieve what you wish to achieve.
Do – From your side you can create those circumstances to improve your situations, more than that you can not do and you have to accept certain realties.
Don’t – but don’t get into differences of opinion or conflicts especially money matter as that can be disadvantageous to you.

Simha –Pressures in relationships and pressure of health both are indicated, to some extent you are dissatisfied and not realizing the pressures which are hidden and which are not looking good.
Day special –Despite differences with your spouse you have to increase that companionship as that will lead to tremendous support for you. The effort of student towards study is totally confused and that is not giving the desired results.

Kanya –Home, family, marriage and relationships are under pressures, partly you yourself is responsible for that, if you have selfish motives than that is unfortunate.
Do – You are trying to improve your financial situation by lot of involvement, but that situation is likely to improve only gradually, all your needs however, will be met.
Don’t – don’t ignore the inherent pressures which may be there on account of your lack of abilities that needs better focus in the days to come to protect your interest.

Tula –You are not satisfied with your own performance, there is definite need to improve that as that can bring about major changes in your life style.
Day special – As such you are trying to improve your personal happiness by your focused attention, that is something which can further get a boost with your own involvement, that is where the indications is pointed for you to act upon.

Vrishchik –You may have financial pressure but you have not been realizing it as much, but now a stage has come when you are realizing that this is a bigger issue which needs careful handling,
Do – Part of this pressure can be removed if you increase your professional work, that will eventually leads to better financial inflows, for that to achieve you have to plan with taking support from your colleagues and associates. That is the way to share your work and delegate your work.
Don’t –In this process don’t let uneasiness emerge as that can be unfortunate, that can lead to unnecessary differences which are not required, don’t let your mental peace & calm reduce in any way.

Dhanu –Your personal well being may be under slight pressure but lucky circumstances are there to protect you in every where, for that reason there is nothing really to worry and you have to be thankful to God.
Do – The best indication for you to take advantages to be nice and pleasant to others and many of your issues will be taken care of.
Don’t – don’t ignore the divine blessing that every thing is stable, for that reason you have to draw lot of happiness with Involvement of family and friends.

Makar –Travel, changes or alternatives are not showing well, you have to give importance to stability at this stage and not create unnecessary changes.
Do – Total involvement in carrier is required even students have to understand this because that can make their destiny.
Don’t – don’t create any upset with your boss by whatever you speak, you have to have lot of moderation on that otherwise things can go out of hand.

Kumbh –Financial pressure can be evident and that is something which should be worried about, luck may not support you and depending on luck can lead to your own problems.
Day special – Largely your own focus on your own performance can protect you at this stage, weak areas will remain weak and you have to accept it but strong area can be improved by your own efforts.

Meena –Some stress can be there connected with your personal and professional issues, the demand on you for your performance are high which are to be met.
Do –Improve your own skills to perform better, especially if you have to increase knowledge by study or efforts than try to do now.
Don’t – don’t think negatively about your boss because the pressures which are coming to you are for your own advantages, your boss is thinking positively about you and wishes to support you hence don’t have negative thoughts about him or her.

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