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Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday 1st December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your supporters and your spouse will be helpful and caring, that will make you happy and will give you a sense of contentment and prosperity
Day special – financial position is stable and growing, your expenses may be a little high but that is alright as long as your inflows are stable
Stressful period on health grounds, on account of that you are not able to perform as well as you can,
Do – but in this entire scenario I can see your mistakes to be responsible for health problems also, you have to understand as to what is good or bad for you
Don’t – don’t it is good to be caring towards others, but that should not lead to differences within the family, don’t let that happen
Some love relationships can be very strong but there are inherent factors of differences which need to be controlled,
Day special – psychologically you may be stable and happy, but there are some real issues which make you dissatisfied and lead to pressures, there is some amount of rigidity in your views, which you must moderate
Some issues connected with home family property or finances may appear, that may make you stressed and unhappy
Do – it is better to avoid any kind of differences leading to conflicts at this stage, by creating those issues on your mid they can become complicated
Don’t – don’t be too philanthropic in your attitude, don’t shower money and gifts to improve your relationships, that will put pressure on you only
Excellent period for personal happiness, career is stable and love relationship is very rewarding,
Day special – at this stage if you work hard your education can further get a boost, that will lead to your settlement in life, and your career will be made, make efforts towards that
Very auspicious and lucky period for you, especially for involving in your personal life you will be benefited,
Do – this is a financially prosperous period, on account of that prosperity you can even think of investment in property as well as improving your home
Don’t – don’t ignore the routine pressures in your work place, those also can be handled by your positive efforts, don’t forget to do that also
You have a very positive attitude towards life, that can give you enormous focus and direction in life, that makes you very optimistic also
Day special – routine pressures connected with career can still be there, but it is not something big which should bother you or upset your stability, hence there is no big problem
Many thoughts of changes alternative or opportunities may be there in front of you, they may lead to opportunity to make money but there may be inherent risks also, but generally the situation is favourable
Do – you can consider many plans at this stage, you are very optimistic and luck is likely to favor you also
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily think of expenses on pleasures at this stage, your career comes first and that should not be ignored
Generally stable period with no real cause for concern, some health issues may be there e which needs car a and protection
Day special – this is again a period in which your own self confidence must be used to handle your situation better, financial prosperity is emerging for you and that in itself is a big achievement
Generally favourable and auspicious period, you may have many plans for changes and alternatives in life, but there are inherent factors of obstacles connected with them
Do – you have to consider the opinion of your boss also, that can spoil your plans for any kind of change
Don’t – don’t ignore the simultaneous strength and pressure son your finances, apparently finances are stable but hidden pressures are many, don’t ignore that situation as it can be dangerous
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, it cannot be better for your overall well-being
Day special – psychologically you have to be more at peace, then you will be able to enjoy this prosperity and goodness fully,
Pressures in your profession are evident, despite your focus and hard work not everything is fine, you may be stressed because of this but you have to understand the goodness
Do – stay focused towards you career and work hard for it, that will lead to eventual success and progress for you
Don’t – don’t ignore the factors which can lead to differences of opinion at your work place, that includes the differences with your boss also but all this requires lot of care and planning, don’t ignore this important aspect

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