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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday 1 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have many thoughts connected with finances on your mind, on one hand there can be some stress and differences and the other your outflows may be increasing,
Day special – But largely there is an improvement in your financial position, you need to protect that adequately so that outflows are controlled.
Vrish – Work related focus is remarkable and nothing can be better than this, but your relationships are not shaping up in that manner and especially at your workplace there may be stress on that.
Do – Protect yourself from undue pressures which may be recurring again and again, that is where some protection is needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity is generally intact but savings are not shaping up, for that reason also you may be stressed and getting into pressures.
Mithun – You may be thinking of various options or alternatives, you may also be wasteful in your ways as a result of these thoughts.
Day special – Still overall prosperity is indicated because gains from home and family are abundant, you are able to take care of people around you and that is the goodness which you carry.
Karka - You may have many pressures on your mind which includes some financial issues as well, that is why you are carrying a lot of stress which may include differences as well.
Do – You are inclined towards religious pursuits and that can give you peace on your mind, you must also understand that to avoid pressures you will have to trust others so that differences of opinion don’t rise.
Don’t – In the process don’t let your family life become stressed, you are yourself responsible for those issues and you cannot blame anyone for that.
Simha – Sudden obstacles may come up and that may make you think as to what path to take, you are also inclined to go deep into the issues to find the reasons and the answers.
Day special – There are disagreements and that is a reality which you are aware of, but you are resolved to communicate and to remove those issues is remarkable and for that reason you are devoted towards others.
Kanya – Happiness in home and family can be there because people around you are trustworthy, but you are carrying certain financial pressures in a manner that you have to repay liabilities of loans taken earlier.
Do – Financial planning for this reason is very essential and you cannot go wrong on that, that will protect you from getting into unnecessary conflicts as well.Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that you will have to depend on your own people for lot of help which may come to you; also you must remove the clutter of your mind which you are carrying.
Tula – Relationships are not shaping up in the manner in which you expect, there are also lots of pressures in the process which are not looking as good and they may convert into disagreements in many ways.
Day special – On one hand you want to improve your relationships with others, on the other hand you are yourself creating those situations wherein you are moving away from your loved ones, that is where you will have to understand as to what is right for you.
Vrishchik - Emotional relationships are getting stronger and that is where your thoughts are connected, for that reason you must draw the happiness from your own loved ones adequately which you can get at this stage.
Do – if there are opportunities of removing the distance from your own people then you must do that now, at least take few steps forward and you will find that happiness.
Don’t – While you speak to others don’t show any sense of disillusionment or distress, that is not needed.
Dhanu – Happiness from home and family is abundantly placed, for that reason your communication skills will help you to even understand others and be practical in views.
Day special – Health related matters are there on your mind which need carefulness from your side, these may be minor issues but these will have to be kept in mind over a period of time.
Makar – Travels or changes are indicated for which there can be many positive discussions, even on matters connected with work these very efforts will give you the desired rewards.
Do – Be very pleasant with others in whatever way it is possible and you will see that circumstances are shaping up in your favor.
Don’t – Don’t also ignore the goodness of your partners or associates, they are trying to be nice to you and from that effort happiness will flow for you.
Kumbh – Financial prosperity is intact and you may be thinking of many alternatives also side by side, especially if you want to change a job, present circumstances may be helpful.
Day special – As a result of these changes your financial prosperity can also improve, especially your savings will improve which will make you happy.
Meena – Your own self –confidence is abundant but your impulsive ways are not looking as good especially on matters where you want to spend on your pleasure, you have to be a bit careful.
Do – Patience is the keyword which must be maintained, in travels or changes there may be sudden upsets which will have to be protected.
Don’t – Don’t be too forceful to fulfill your desires in some love relationships, every thought and every relationship requires time and patience and that is what you will have to remember.

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