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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday 18 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dissatisfactions lie in your own performance and your own abilities, but you must understand that a little bit of positive focus can improve this situation drastically
Do – You must have practical views and practical plans, thinking too much and thinking big is not going to help
Don’t – Don’t also forget that psychologically you have to be at peace, getting into unnecessary pressures or disputes of routine nature is not advisable
Vrish – If you stress about financial situation then you are yourself to be blamed, generally the rewards are abundant and you have to be happy with that
Day special – Speaking something out of distress may actually harm you, therefore you have to be very pleasant or mild towards others in a bid to appreciate their views
Mithun – You are able to work hard to improve your professional career, but you also have worries on your mind whether everything will be all right or not
Do – You are trying to involve well but your overall thinking is a bit weak, that is why the best is not emerging the way you expect
Don’t – Don’t carry any negative thoughts or views especially where you can handle situations yourself, don’t therefore depend on others so much as that can be expecting more than what is required
Karka – Expenses or wastages are indicated and you are not able to plan properly, that is why your dependence is such that you wish to let others handle your decisions more than what you want to handle them
Day special – This pattern can lead to pressures for you, someone may even try to take advantage of you or even cheat you, don’t let that happen
Simha – Financial issues may be heavy on your mind, that is why you are stressed and dissatisfied because the circumstances are not as strong as you would like them to be
Do – Psychologically therefore it is a period which shows some stress patterns, you will have to be more at peace with yourself and try to take one step forward at a time
Don’t – don’t forget that stress will not solve your issues, it is your pragmatism and planning which will turn the tide in your favour
Kanya – Work related matters are such which stress you, that is why you are thinking of alternatives all the time and somehow those alternatives are also not well placed
Day Special – Your own expectations are not practical, that is why you may go wrong in your own thinking which is to be protected
Tula – You may be depending too much on luck whereas luck may not support you enough, you have to understand that remaining peaceful at this stage is going to help you immensely
Do – Postpone any big thought or decision for a while, continue to stay connected with stability of your involvements which is more important at this stage
Don’t – Don’t also forget that routine kind of day to day affairs must be handled with peace & patience, that is possible only if you give importance to those day to day affairs which affect you all the time
Vrishchik – Work related pressures may continue to bother you, that is why there is need for depending on your own immense abilities which you have
Day special – People around you and those who are important may generally be happy with you, that is why the goodness will appear despite your worries in this regard
Dhanu – Your worries for your career or for your partner may be valid, but you are stressed because you are also psychologically passing through that phase of stress from your side as well
Do – You must remember that luck and auspiciousness will support you adequately, therefore your worries may not give you any upsets and everything will be all right
Don’t – Don’t also forget that some thoughts of travels etc. may be on your mind, that may also stress you a bit indirectly, some carefulness is definitely needed
Makar – Health related issues are continuing to bother you for which you are not taking adequate care, therefore psychologically also you are putting pressures on yourself which requires your increased care
Day special – People who are important will have to be given their importance, you cannot go wrong on them in any kind of discussion or in any kind of argument, protect yourself from that as well
Kumbh – Some love relationship is bothering you and you are not able to resolve those issues, that is why you are indirectly harming your professional career also or your studies which can lead to the formation of that career
Do – Weakness lies in you because you will have to shift your focus from your present thoughts, it will be advantageous to stay committed to your involvement and not expect any magical solutions
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any psychological conflicts arise in your mind, keeping patience is going to help you more than anything else
Meena – Stress & pressures in home & family are indicated, you will have to continuously try & resolve them as much as you can
Day special – The issues with people around you are not very well placed, you are aware that people around you are not honest or fair towards you, that is why you are getting stressed all the more, there is need for peace because of that

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