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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday 9 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to achieve with your hard work but you are worried whether you can do it or not, this kind of lack of trust in your own abilities is not required
Day special – You have the ability to gain a lot in life, you also have the focused involvement on your mind, your knowledge & skills will also help you
Vrish – You may be worried for your financial situation because your expenses are uncontrolled, this pressure is also showing in your work as you have many thoughts for changes on your mind as well
Do – Carefulness is required as far as taking any change is concerned, you have to therefore understand that factors of personal life will have to be kept in mind while taking professional decisions
Don’t – Don’t trust anyone blindly because someone may try to cheat you also
Mithun – Your financial position is placed in a very lucky manner, that is the reason that your small efforts will also give you big rewards
Day special – Work related advantage is abundant although you are not happy with your own performance, that is why there is some stress which you carry but that can be resolved with improving your focus, somehow your own performance is getting reduced which is to be corrected
Karka – Stress, pressures or losses are indicated, someone may even try to take advantage of you and thereby causing pressures in your career
Do – Your involvement in your work is such that it can help you, on top of it luck may also help you & favor you in many ways
Don’t – Don’t think of any changes at this stage, you may go wrong unnecessarily and that is not required
Simha – You are not happy with your financial position and rightly so, this is a weak period and the weakness is showing in many ways,
Day special – Foremost is that this is a period where your financial decisions may go wrong, therefore you have to understand that upsets in this regard will have to be avoided and you have to plan properly, you must try to understand the views of your seniors or elders and take advice from them
Kanya – You are unhappy with your work situation as you realize that not many things are moving to your advantage, that is making you psychologically stressed also
Do – Avoid getting into conflicts in any manner, also avoid discussing any changes which may show you in poor light
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the fact that professional & financial angle needs very careful handling, don’t let your money get stuck because of any hidden problems
Tula – Luck may not favor you the way you expect, for that reason you cannot depend on luck at this stage and you will have to connect with others to understand them
Day special – Relationships are moving in a manner which require very careful handling, otherwise those very people on whom you are dependent may move away from you and you will be unhappy
Vrishchik – Stressful period in many ways because many hidden issues are cropping up, you will have to therefore protect yourself from any misunderstanding also side by side
Do – Conflicts in personal life will have to be avoided, issues with people who are important will also have to be avoided at the same time
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan anything which is big or important, keep a lot of patience and show your goodness as much as you can
Dhanu – Psychological pressures are there on your mind connected with your children, but there is divine blessing running side by side to protect you in many ways
Day special – Your apprehensions are generally made up in your mind, therefore you have to keep this in mind that nothing is really wrong, you have to keep a lot of peace & patience on your mind
Makar – Health related factors need to be cared for, if there is need for investigation then don’t ignore that bigger fact
Do – Gains from your own people are abundantly available, but there may be issues which will have to be handled carefully as suddenly you may realize that there are upsets in the offing
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect that any discussion may be peaceful, but you will have to keep that peace & patience and not get into any heated argument
Kumbh – Personal relationships are worrying you as they are not moving as per expected lines, that is why you are not able to convey your goodness the way it is there
Day special – Your involvement is generally positive but that may have to be used & utilized in your work, for that reason your support system will work adequately for you and you will get the help which you require, but that may be connected with your work and not so much in your relationships
Meena – Worries for your own people may still be there, for that reason your expenses may also become high or may become wasteful
Do – Health related angle also needs to be cared for and that is essential, all these factors indicate that you have to maintain a disciplined lifestyle
Don’t – Don’t therefore be careless in whatever you are planning or whatever you are doing, your thinking also must therefore remain disciplined in the same manner

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