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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wednesday 16 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are being good to your own people and that is a reflection of your positive thinking, but in work related situation there can be stress & pressures which need to be curtailed
Do – Lot of peace & patience is required as that is important, giving too much importance to money may lead to differences on that front
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that you have to maintain your goodness by connecting with your own people, that is the right way forward which you must remember
Vrish – Your efforts are remarkable and that will provide the goodness, it will motivate you to even grow in your career the way you want
Day special – Somehow your abilities are not shaping up in the manner in which they should, that is why there are weaknesses and you are not achieving what you wish to achieve, you will have to be careful in what you convey in any discussion
Mithun – Financial angle is stable but lot of carefulness is needed, there are hidden pressures & factors in personal life which will have to be handled more carefully
Do – Work related patterns are not shaping up in the manner in which you expect, your own involvement is lacking and that is where weaknesses are appearing
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too firm in your views as that is not going to help, indirectly you know that there are apprehensions on your mind which are not helping you in any manner
Karka – Your self-confidence is high and that will help you immensely, but relationships in home & family are pressurizing and you are not realizing that fully
Day special – Any travels or far off linkages may not shape up the way you expect, therefore there can be wastages in the process which will have to be protected
Simha – There are pressures on money which are not looking as good, to cover that you are being too rigid even in your expenses or in your spending which is to be avoided
Do – Becoming mild in your approach & your thinking can be advantageous, you have to protect yourself from being too critical as that can be a self-created mistake at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that you will have to plan for your financial situation carefully, otherwise your money may get stuck and you may even incur loss
Kanya – Financial angle is stable and there is nothing really to worry, relationships may have inbuilt stress but that is something which you have lived with for a while
Day Special – Overall pattern of your own involvement with others is lacking, there are weaknesses from your side which you will have to curtail, you will have to understand your own weaknesses to resolve them
Tula – Work related matters are strong & stable, but any changes which may be on your mind including change of place may not look as good
Do – You may yourself change your own views & decisions, that is where lot of carefulness is needed, you must not take those decisions if you have to change them at a later stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that the expectations of any changes may not be met, therefore you will have to be careful that you do not create wastefulness in your decision-making
Vrishchik – Luck may be supportive & helpful, there is overall sense of auspiciousness also in the process
Day special – Your efforts are rewarding & gainful, but gains are not as per what you expect and therefore some upsets may still be there, therefore it is advisable not to take any risk
Dhanu – Psychological pressures may be there and you may not be as happy, therefore you will have to take care as to what you wish to do with your work or with your involvements
Do – First & foremost things required is to keep yourself stress-free, by doing so you will be controlling your outbursts and your expressions which are becoming unstable
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect miracles from people around you, whatever support you may get is God’s gift and that is more than what is required
Makar – People around you are supportive & helpful, and your overall pattern of auspiciousness is intact, therefore there is nothing really to worry
Day special – Health related matters need care as you are being careless, even in matters where your interaction can help you are being a bit unmindful of what you are doing
Kumbh – Psychological pressures are something which you create for yourself, in fact you are too powerful in your thinking which is also a negativity in a way
Do – Your forceful ways lead to your own problems & pressures, so much so that you take decisions which are too drastic and too extreme
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for something which you cannot execute fully & whole-heartedly, therefore lot of peace & carefulness is still needed which is a must
Meena – Personal relationships & love relationships are heavy on your mind, you are also aware that there are problems & pressures in the process which you are ignoring
Day special – You may be able to do a lot to please others, but you may not be able to achieve as people around you may not get pleased with whatever you may do, therefore you will have to accept whatever comes as a reality and move on in life

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