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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday 21 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – From disputed situations also you wish to get the advantage of gains of money, for that reason you are yourself inclined to get into even professional disputes also
Day special – Your own positive involvement can give you similar gains, therefore there is no need for you to stress yourself unnecessarily in issues which are irrelevant
Vrish – Your knowledge & skills may not support you as much as your performance can, therefore that positive performance can be put in the right direction for your work and you will be benefited
Do – There is need for you to improve your own abilities in a manner which will become sustainable over a long time, if there are weaknesses in that then you will have to address that also
Don’t – Don’t let instability appear in personal relationships, as such there cannot be any big achievements as far as that factor is concerned and you will have to wait for a while
Mithun – Personal life issues are stressful for you as there are many factors cropping up again & again, but as far as financial angle is concerned you are blessed that circumstances are favorable for you
Day special – Financial planning will prove to be highly auspicious for you as you can consider those plans and execute those plans, that is where your success story lies
Karka – Not a stable period because there can be many pressures on many fronts, work related situation can be pressurizing because you are not able to perform as well
Do – You will have to take care in some love relationship also because there are inherent pressures & obstacles which you may have to face, therefore it may be advisable to discuss your issues and try to resolve them as much as it is possible
Don’t – Don’t at the same time expect any miracles with your efforts, your positive efforts may also take its own time to give you the rewards
Simha – Generally auspicious period and you will be benefited immensely, there may be apparent pressures on you especially on finances but protection is emerging in a manner which is highly positive
Day special – There is a blessing available to you which will help you, and that will help you to achieve the personal life happiness which you wish to maintain
Kanya – Weak period as there are obstacles and problems on many fronts, on one hand your positive intentions may also be misunderstood and that is not looking good
Do – You will have to involve yourself fully and whole-heartedly, at the same time you must be prepared for the unexpected issues which may crop up suddenly
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect any overnight solutions, the support which you may get from others in the form of protection is remarkable and that should please you
Tula – Pressures of wastages and losses may be there on your mind which are not looking good, for that reason you may even get away from your own loved ones in relationships because you are not able to handle that to your advantage
Day special – Lot of peaceful interaction is needed for you to convey your thoughts, and that can be done with an effort to try and understand the views of others also side by side
Vrishchik – Your desire for some investment may still be there on your mind, that is why these patterns are emerging again & again to show you those opportunities
Do – Financial angle may not be as supportive for that thought to be taken forward, therefore you will have to wait for a while before those patterns stabilize
Don’t – Don’t also forget that your own involvement is a bit unstable, it requires a lot of positive thirst for you to take this forward in a sustainable manner, that is where your own goodness towards others will start helping you
Dhanu – This period may be motivating to you for your performance as your involvements, but there are travels on your mind for which you will have to plan carefully
Day special – It may be advantageous for you to discuss your issues and take the right opinion, you will have to shed your uneasiness in the process to find the right answers which may come out of that guidance
Makar – Generally favorable period for you to get the gains of money and also the support which you may get, for that reason your thoughts are positive but your worries are also continuing
Do – Routine kind of disagreements may continue to bother you, that is where pressures may be built in the process which will have to be resolved
Don’t – Don’t therefore get into a pattern where you carry conflicts in your mind for people who are important, you will have to keep a lot of peace on your mind to accept what is coming your way
Kumbh – Work related patterns are highly favorable to you as this can help you to work hard, but psychologically you are not up to the mark because you are thinking of hindrances & pressures all the time
Day special – Pressures are there because your plans are big and you want to take big decisions, if you stick to the stability of your thoughts then those big issues are not possibly required at this stage
Meena – Some wastages are indicated and losses are also indicated, you are depending on luck unnecessarily and stretching yourself too much which is not required
Do – Understand the pattern that whoever is trying to support you may have hidden thoughts for personal gains on his or her mind, you will have to therefore protect yourself from any such selfish designs which others may have
Don’t – Don’t still be too liberal from your side, try to conserve your money & resources which is very essential at this stage

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