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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday 31 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –You are not satisfied with your financial position because of pressures and financial disputes, as such your expenses are uncontrolled and you are not able to plan it properly.
Day special – Even in matters connected with your work in whichever work you are involved you have certain disagreements continuing, that is why issues are re-emerging and cropping up again which is becoming stressful, there is need to protect that.
Vrish – On work-related issues you are not very happy, but you are focused and involvement is praiseworthy and these dissatisfactions are made up in your mind.
Do – There is however a weakness which is showing, your performance is reducing and that may be the contributing factor for this disillusionment, you have to change that.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that your rewards are generally stable and adequate, for that reason at least your motivation is maintained which is a remarkable situation.
Mithun – Generally your partners are supporting you and helping you, but your expectations from them are higher and that is why your dissatisfaction is remaining.
Day special – Your knowledge and skills will help you in many ways, but somehow you are still not able to control your issues of personal life, there is much of instability in that.
Karka - You may increase risk for yourself if you depend too much on luck, therefore your own thinking must become very stable and only then your path will be in the right direction.
Do – There is need for you to avoid taking risk as far as your financial matter are concerned, even in patterns connected with your home and family you have to avoid getting into unnecessary pressures.
Don’t – Don’t create issues from your side, that is where your own carefulness will help you eventually.
Simha – Some love relationship may seem strong but it has many inherent issues of hidden nature, that is why your own people may not be supportive or helpful to you the way you want.
Day special – You may be trying to connect with others and trying to discuss your matters, but those discussions are not taking you anywhere and your frustration will increase.
Kanya – Your dissatisfactions in home and family will prevail and you will be unhappy, even on matters connected with money your disagreement may appear making you stressed.
Do – Conflicts is a natural consequence of thinking differently wherein no two persons think alike, therefore you will have to keep patience.
Don’t – Don’t forget that dissatisfactions for your own people is not right thing to do, you will have to try and understand their goodness in the process.
Tula – You are not happy with your own performance or your own efforts, because you have too many things own your mind and your focus is not concentrated enough.
Day special – You are creating pressures and stressful situations in your relationships also, this is despite the fact that you are generally involved and focused and want to be good to others in relationships.
Vrishchik - You may not be happy with your financial position because you want to invest in property, even for that matter you want to help your own loved ones in many ways.
Do – You have plans for change of place on your mind, that is why there are too many issues which bother you.
Don’t – Don’t pressurize yourself as everything takes time, you will have to keep that kind of patience in mind and wait for the opportunity.
Dhanu – Overall period is uneasy for you and that is why under pressure, but you have to make your thinking very practical at the same time.
Day special – Avoid the ups and downs of your own thinking, this instability of your thoughts is not going to help you in any manner, especially in the matters where you have to trust the goodness of others you have to be very careful.
Makar – With your thinking you are creating pressures for yourself which is not looking good, if there are thoughts of changes or expenses then that carefulness is all the more needed.
Do – Handling your financial position based on luck is not very prudent thing to do, therefore carefulness is needed.

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