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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tuesday 15 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may have certain apprehensions about your big plans and big changes, you may not even be convinced about your travel plans at this moment
Day special – Carefulness is needed because this period is a bit weak in many ways, even with people who are important you will have to be careful
Vrish – Financial angle is generally stable but savings are not shaping up in a manner in which you expect, that is why you are not as happy
Do – Lot of careful planning is needed on financial terms, you will have to be careful in what you speak to others as there can be moments of distress which may get revealed
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there are gains from your own people the way you expect, you have to therefore look at the goodness also side by side
Mithun – Professional angle is generally stable & strong, but your own involvement is not up to the mark the way it should be
Day special – Psychologically you have to be more at peace, otherwise whatever you may convey to others may be misunderstood in some form or the other, that may lead to pressures in relationships as well
Karka – Luck may generally be supportive & protective, but there are issues of disagreements which need to be controlled side by side
Do – Your impulsive outflows & expenses can actually bother you and put pressures on you, therefore it is essential that you plan well at this moment
Don’t – Don’t think of major alternatives at this stage, they are not worth taking that effort & risk and therefore you will have to maintain the stability which you have
Simha – Relationships are not working out the way you expect, that is why there are pressures & problems at every step and even from those who are important
Day special – Financial angle needs to be cared for very diligently and pragmatically, on one hand there may be pressures on finances and on the other hand you may take big risks which can lead to further problems
Kanya – Your own people in home & family are ever supportive and helpful, but your work related situation is not shaping up in the manner in which you expect and that is why there are linking problems
Do – That is why changes at this stage even in work situation may not be as advantageous, you will have to be therefore very careful in taking decisions as you may even go wrong
Don’t – Don’t act in haste or act impulsively, a lot of carefulness is needed in your planning process as that is essential
Tula – Health related factors need lot of care as you have been ignoring it for a while, even the health of your own loved ones may be a point in concern which you must remember
Day special – Your own efforts are also not as pointed as they should be, they are based more on the factors of carelessness or luck which is not right
Vrishchik – Some love relationships can be on your mind which may keep you involved, but psychologically you may be under pressure also and in a dilemma as to which path to take
Do – Financial angle needs lot of carefulness as you cannot risk your money, you have to therefore plan well and execute those plans carefully
Don’t – Don’t be too hasty or impulsive in any manner, don’t therefore take financial decisions which need carefulness and patience, you may have to wait for a while for the right time to come
Dhanu – You will have to appreciate the advantage of being close to your own people as that will provide the strength & happiness for you, in the process you will be able to control your uneasiness also
Day special – Career matters are not shaping up in the manner in which you expect, that is why there are dissatisfactions connected with that which is to be accepted as a reality
Makar – Travels, changes & far off linkages are heavy on your mind, but you are getting unnecessarily worried also in the process
Do – Leaving anything to chance or depending on luck is not actually advisable, you will have to therefore understand the need to take care of your health also
Don’t – Don’t be too rigid or harsh in what you speak, for that matter your eating & drinking habits may also need moderation, don’t forget that work is your priority and that is what you must remain connected with, in the process there may be emotional attachments which is a reality
Kumbh – Financial angle is generally stable and strong, but relationships are not working out the way you expect, you are unhappy with that
Day special – Whatever you convey or communicate to others may be misunderstood, therefore lot of peace & carefulness is needed, don’t be rigid in your approach in any manner
Meena – Your goodness will reflect in whatever you think or do, that kind of attitude will help you & protect you in many ways
Do – Your own people around you in home & family may not support you and help you in any manner, for that reason you may be distressed also, but it is better to accept it as a reality
Don’t – Don’t let your wastages overpower you as that is not advantageous, don’t therefore let any kind of situation arise which may lead to loss

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