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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thursday 10 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your involvement in your work is looking good and you are able to devote your time & money accordingly, you will be able to arrange your funds for your work also adequately
Do – You are also able to carry your own people along on this journey called ‘success’, all these factors are therefore placed in a manner which are helpful to you
Don’t – On work related issues as well as on finances don’t be too aggressive to cause hurt, upsets or differences of opinion, don’t go wrong on that and you will be protected
Vrish – You are thinking in a positive manner generally but somehow psychologically you are not as stable as you are worried, your involvements are positive but your psychological make up is negative
Day special – This kind of situation of being on cross roads is not good, you can take wrong decisions about your work and in your personal relationships in the process, avoid that
Mithun – Relationships are suffering and this period is very pressurizing on account of that, financial angle however is stable but that is not enough to stabilize your thinking and your life
Do – Some love relationship is bothering you and that is indirectly putting pressure in your personal life in home & family, that is where lot of peace & carefulness is required
Don’t – Don’t also be wasteful in any manner to please others as that is not going to happen, don’t ignore this advice if you want stability to be maintained
Karka – Personal life circumstances are very well placed and your own people are highly supportive, but somehow your professional situation is becoming stressful because you may go wrong in whatever you speak
Day special – Lot of carefulness is needed and you must think before you utter anything, especially in any kind of discussion you must show your goodness & pragmatism and that will help you
Simha – Professional effort must be maintained at a high level, any slackness in that can lead to not only pressures in your work but also differences of opinion in your work also
Do – You are generally able to connect with others very well, you are also able to take your own people along well, but there are certain pressures & conflicts which are still appearing which need to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t
Kanya – Generally auspicious & stable period in which luck is favoring you and God is kind, but you are unnecessarily stressing yourself by thinking about negativity only
Day Special – For that reason you are thinking that there are obstacles at every step, and if you think about obstacles then obstacles will also follow you, but that is not really required and you are thinking too much into extremes
Tula – Your involvement for your own people is remarkable, but every situation has its own pressures & problems and this is that kind of situation which is there
Do – Personal relationships are important to you and you want to resolve them at any cost, even if you are separated by distance you want to ensure that everything moves smoothly
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any instability of your thoughts come in between, your regularity will help you to focus well and to achieve well
Vrishchik – Travels & changes may be on your mind, you may be a bit stressed for your well-wishers or supporters or even your spouse
Day special – Health related issues may also be there on your mind for your loved ones, but this is a concern which is normal human nature and one should not worry too much unnecessarily
Dhanu – Generally lucky period for financial angle to be prosperous, you may also be worried for health on account of your own well-being or the well-being of those connected with you closely for their health
Do – Care is definitely needed but there is nothing which is as drastically wrong, hence peace & patience will help you
Don’t – Don’t psychologically pressurize you as this is a pattern which you are carrying, don’t therefore forget that God is there to help you at every step
Makar – Generally auspicious period and you will be benefited, you are able to connect with your own people very well and rewards will also flow from your family in that manner
Day special – Work related situation is connected with your own performance & abilities, and you are generally up to the mark as far as your own performance is concerned
Kumbh – Changes or change of place may be on your mind and that is something which you will have to be careful about, not all changes can bring betterment and that is something which you will have to remember
Do – Even travels may be there which need careful planning, but there are many factors of auspiciousness also which will support you in many ways
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angle is generally stable and there is nothing to worry, but relationships may not give you any kind of happiness the way you want
Meena – There are many hindrances as far as your efforts are concerned or as far as obstacles are concerned, so much so that financial situation may also become stressed on account of these very obstacles
Day special – Care is needed therefore to protect your savings and plan carefully, you cannot go wrong on your financial decisions in any manner

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