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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday 4 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dissatisfactions may lie with your monetary position because your needs & expectations are high, especially if you have to repay loans you are a bit disillusioned
Do – Depending on luck will still be disadvantageous as you can incur losses, therefore you will have to think very rationally and stay cool
Don’t – Don’t take undue risks at this stage, there should be stability in whatever you do or think and that includes the need to avoid any differences of opinion
Vrish – You may be worried for your career because there are too many thoughts of ups & downs on your mind, you are also worried for the fact that there may be intrigues against you or there may be upsets to your financial position
Day special – The best indication still suggests that you should avoid taking any risks with your money, maintaining stability in your career is important through your own hard work which is to be maintained over a period of time
Mithun – You may have many apprehensions against your own supporters & partners, but actually there is no need for that because these are self-created thoughts or worries
Do – You may look up to your elders for the support & help which require at this stage, that may come with certain conditions but all those factors are basically to your advantage which you must think rationally
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angle can be generally favorable and you will be benefited, therefore there is need for you to stay cool and not think of negativity all the time
Karka – Certain worries or misunderstandings can be there which may bother you, but you also must realize that certain pressures in life are inherent and that is a reality which you will have to face & accept
Day special – This period with its indicated pressures still must motivate you to work towards your goals, don’t let any reduction come in your own focus & involvement as that is not really required
Simha – You may not be happy with the relationships as they are emerging, if there are any patterns of discussions then you have to remain cool side by side
Do – Discuss your matters in a manner which is pragmatic, but also remember that you cannot lose your temper at the same time
Don’t – Don’t forget that inherently the situation may not be as strong or comfortable as you would like it to be, there can be even stress & pressures from your elders and you will have to understand their viewpoint also
Kanya – Some worries connected with your own people may be there on your mind, especially if it has anything to do with their health you will have to be all the more careful
Day Special – Any disagreements will have to be avoided especially if they are connected with financial angle, even in relationships you will have to show peace & regularity and not have any ups & downs of your own thinking unnecessarily
Tula – You are worried for your own performance because that is not giving you the kind of focus which you expect, you are generally determined from your side but somehow this period is not giving you the rewards the way you expect
Do – Despite your focused involvement your loved ones are moving away from you and that is not looking good, you have to therefore find the reasons as to why this negativity is showing in this pattern
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angle is generally strong & stable, that will give you the satisfaction and a sense of well-being because achieving that kind of thinking is always very important in life, don’t still ignore the relationships because they have to be cared for, don’t let your own people get away from you in any kind of situation
Vrishchik – You may not be happy with your savings or accumulated funds, for that reason you may also be thinking of arranging funds for investment which you wish to make
Day special – Rewards from your work as well as your financial inflows are stable, there is nothing really to be worried on that, but your plans are big and your dreams are big and that is why you are trying to do more than what is actually required
Dhanu – You may be a little stressed or disillusioned at the same time, the reason is that there is some amount of instability in this period which is not letting the smooth flow emerge
Do – That is why your efforts are also erratic and not as regular as they should be, you have to therefore understand this pattern so that you are not distressed unnecessarily
Don’t – Don’t still forget that generally the financial angle is stable & rewarding, there is nothing which can be called negative in that and that is making all the difference of keeping you happy
Makar – Some unforeseen doubts & worries may continue to bother you, they may include your sudden outflows which will have to be met in any case
Day special – Your worries may also emerge from the fact that you may be a bit careless in what you speak, that is where the problems may start and you may be distressed with that
Kumbh – You are not happy with the forcefulness of your friends & acquaintances around you, they may be overpowering on you because of their own strength & overpowering nature
Do – Peace is something which you will have to maintain as otherwise it can lead to pressures, more than anything else you have to maintain statuesque and not look for any big changes
Don’t – Don’t still forget that your own good nature & good words can resolve many issues to your advantage, that is important to understand
Meena – Professional worries may be there on your mind and that is why you may be thinking of many changes at the same time, but at the same time you have to understand that change in itself is not the solution to problems, you will have to understand the bigger picture behind this
Day special – Even if you take any big decision there is a risk of changing that decision subsequently, you will have to therefore understand that your own maturity & pragmatism will eventually help you in the long run

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