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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monday 7 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not using your capabilities properly and in the right direction, there is lot of wasteful effort as your mind is diverted and you are not focused
Day special – That is why you are thinking of changes all the time, but you must remember that there are no magical solutions in life and one has to perform fully & whole heartedly
Vrish – You may not be happy with your funds position especially your savings, but regularity of income can build up savings over a period of time for which patience is required
Do – Relationships may be suffering because you are not devoting enough time towards that, that is why there are deficiencies which have to be improved
Don’t – Don’t still forget that the rewards are abundant and you are motivated, as far as your own thinking is concerned there is no weakness
Mithun – You may not be happy with the circumstances in your personal life, that is why your entire focus is shifting towards your work situation only,
Day special – While work is getting stronger there is need to involve your own people also in the process of your growth & achievements, that kind of balance in life is definitely needed
Karka – If you are thinking of bringing about major changes in life then those may not give you the kind of rewards which you expect, that is why you have to wait for a while
Do – Your own performance is not up to the mark and that is why you are depending on the fact that something magical may happen, but that is not how the success can be achieved
Don’t – Don’t forget that the forcefulness of this period lies in your pragmatic thinking, in that you have to avoid getting into conflicts & pressures at your work place also
Simha – Financial situation may not be as comfortable as you would like it to be, that is why you feel that there are pressures at every step
Day special – Some love relationship also is suffering for these very reasons, there can be discussions or arguments in which you have to protect yourself
Kanya – There is need for you to increase your involvement in your work, there are deficiencies in the manner that you are looking up to others for support & help whereas you are not making enough efforts from your side
Do – People may generally be supportive around you, but your own involvement is not there, that is where some improvement is needed
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people can be supportive, but if you get into unnecessary conflicts then that advantage will also be lost
Tula – Luck may not favor you and your expenses may bother you, that is why this period continues to be weak which has to be understood
Day special – Health needs to be cared for and your own focus has to be improved, that is where the weaknesses lie and which requires involvement from your side
Vrishchik – Financial position may not be as strong because you have to meet the responsibilities of your loved ones, but that is something which is essential and you must do
Do – Your own pragmatism & maturity will help you to handle your affairs, that will include your financial planning as well
Don’t – Don’t forget that your accumulated funds or savings can help you to overcome your difficulties, that is why the overall period is protective in which your situation will continue to be comfortable
Dhanu – Work related situation is not shaping up in the manner in which you had expected, that is why you are a bit uneasy & dissatisfied
Day special – Love & warmth in home & family is comfortable and you will be happy with that, therefore the overall goodness is with you in which you have to share your happiness with your loved ones
Makar – Health needs care as you are being a bit careless in your eating habits, for that constant contemplation may be required
Do – Travels may be advantageous & lucrative, you will get the benefit in the process as your abilities will be appreciated
Don’t – Don’t still depend on luck as there is no role of that, you have to prove your own self with your own hard work
Kumbh – Relationships are not up to the mark and you have to get away from them, despite your desire to discuss your matters you may not be able to resolve the issues in some love relationship
Day special – Don’t be too careless in what you eat, you may enjoy the moment temporarily but it can show carelessness towards your health matters
Meena – Circumstances in home & family are not well placed, you are not happy the way you are getting the response from others
Do – You have to remain good to others and that is important, all other things are such which are not in your hands and therefore you have to forget about them
Don’t – Don’t however put your money into any kind of loss or risk, even if there are disagreements you will have to control your own wastages as that is essential

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