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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday 5 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Certain pressures on your finances are building up and you are not able to control your outflows, you may convince yourself that they are essential expenses but nevertheless an outflow is an outflow
Day special – Some amount of care is needed & planning is needed, just because your financial sources are giving you the inflows does not mean that you may be careless in your planning
Vrish – Excellent period in many ways, your friends may be supportive and your overall prosperity may be intact
Do – Work related matters are such that your business will be rewarding, you will also therefore be benefited as a result in many ways
Don’t – Don’t still risk your money in a manner which may be wasteful, and that is out of some amount of impulsiveness that you may do that, don’t let that happen
Mithun – Work related situation is remarkably placed and you will be happy with that, so much so that luck may also favor you immensely and give you the rewards in the process
Day special – Financial angle is generally placed in such a manner that there is nothing really to worry, but your own knowledge, skills & abilities will have to be used or utilized in the proper way so that there is no deficiency on that
Karka – Health needs to be cared for but overall protection is intact, psychologically you may be stressed on various reasons but that is something which you will have to think & ponder
Do – Your own involvement is less than what it should be, hence the pointing finger is towards you which is something which you will have to remember
Don’t – On routine matters don’t be careless or wasteful from your side, otherwise you may even risk your gains in a manner which is not advantageous to you
Simha – Relationships are not as well placed as you want them to be, even though you are connecting with others very well but not getting the response from others in the same manner
Day special – Your discussion may lead to more of misunderstandings and less of solutions, that is why your anger may complicate the matters unnecessarily
Kanya – Overall angle of connecting with your home, family & your well wishers is very well placed, that will reduce the pressures of disagreements which you are carrying side by side
Do – In some personal relationship there can be lot of instability and that is not looking good, therefore complicating your issues with financial reasons is not advantageous
Don’t – Don’t annoy people who are important as you may have to depend on them at a later stage, therefore don’t create any situation which may be detrimental to your own interests
Tula – You are yourself responsible for certain pressures & misunderstandings which are getting created, on one hand there can be lack of agreement and on the other hand your own people may not be supportive
Day special – More than anything else you will have to understand the pressures of your knowledge & skills which you need to use in your work, that can provide the solutions to many of the problems at this stage
Vrishchik – Relationships are important and you are devoted towards them, your involvement with your own people is such which is remarkable but still there are ups & downs which need to be controlled
Do – Routine kind of issues & pressures can be there, but it is more of a psychological angle rather than a real one and therefore you need to keep your patience intact
Don’t – Don’t still forget that gains from home or property can still be there for you, you may be undecided and that is a different question but gains are there nevertheless
Dhanu – Happiness in home & family is intact and you are blessed, for that reason you are also trying to connect with others & communicate with others very well
Day special – Your motivation of being practical in your approach is remarkable, you have to therefore take your steps forward with that kind of maturity & focus which you carry at this stage
Makar – This period is motivating you to work hard and to stay committed, this is a motivating period in a sense that you may be thinking of travels or alternatives also side by side
Do – Generally luck may be supportive to you and financial position may be strong, but what you speak or convey to others is important and you cannot go wrong on that
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own approach towards others may not be as supportive as it should be, you may show that instability which can pain others & hurt others at the same time, that is where some moderation & contemplation is required
Kumbh – Financial angle is stable and your savings may be growing, for that reason there is lot of auspiciousness in this period which you are getting as a blessing
Day special – Work related commitment is remarkable and that is the best indication of the chart, as a result you are getting the rewards also abundantly which is the goodness which you carry, but your own wasteful ways is something which is not looking good
Meena – Your own philanthropic ways will show you in excellent light in the eyes of others, your image will not only grow but your fame will also grow in the process
Do – There are too many things on your mind on account of which you may be distressed also, that is why the focused attention is lacking and you are not possibly getting the advantage the way you can get
Don’t – Don’t forget that your pressures on finances can be on account of your spouse or your partner, you have to possibly accept it as a reality but at the same time try to moderate that situation by your careful handling

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