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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wednesday 2 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your focus in work is improving and you are keen to put more funds for getting growth in your business, all this is going to help you
Do – While your desires and involvement is great your performance may still have instability, but all in all the rewards are shaping up for you very well
Don’t – Especially on matters connected with finances don’t get into stress or differences of opinion, that is not going to help
Vrish – Generally stable & lucky period because you are working hard towards it, your motivation is high and that will help you immensely
Day special – This is also a period which will improve your knowledge and will help you to use that knowledge in your work, as a result your financial position is likely to improve
Mithun – You may create stress for yourself by unnecessarily bringing in changes, for that reason carefulness is required
Do – Any kind of change will have to be considered very carefully, because there may be hidden issues & upsets attached to that
Don’t – Don’t put your money into any kind of risk as that is not required, carefulness is the key word which you will have to remember
Karka – You may be very keen to understand the views of others & connect with others, that will help you to avoid the stress & pressures which are building up unnecessarily
Day special – There is also need for you to help others in many ways, that may include financial help as well
Simha – Stress may be there in whatever you are doing, that includes your work as well as health related issues
Do – Financial planning is definitely required because you need funds, because there are pressures on funds you will have to think on these lines & plan your next move
Don’t – In any kind of discussion don’t show your anger or say anything hurtful, that is not going to solve the problems
Kanya – Your emotional involvements are strong and divine forces are also helping you in that regard, you may be keen to please others also with your focused attention
Day Special – There are also favorable indications that your elders may support your views & understand your desires, all this is favorably placed to carry your relationships forward
Tula – Home & family is important and your involvement for your own people is remarkable, that will help you to create an excellent balance in your work life and your personal life
Do – Any changes or plans for change of place will have to be considered carefully, there should not be any instability or change of views at a later stage
Don’t – Don’t at the same time create financial pressures or loss for yourself, be very careful in your expenses as that can pressurize you unnecessarily
Vrishchik – This period is highly motivating to you to work hard and to improve your financial well-being, this is also a period in which you can communicate with others fully & forcefully and that will help
Day special – You are constantly thinking about investments and that is a favorable step forward, you are also keen to understand the fact that your motivation must remain high and you must continue to get the rewards in the process
Dhanu – Financial angle is stable and your rewards are abundant, you are also speaking pleasantly to others which will help you to achieve your professional goals
Do – Psychological pressures may still be there but that is not something which should bother you, overall pattern of your goodness is well placed and you will be benefited
Don’t – Don’t forget that your savings can improve and your overall situation can become stable, for that your own people, your home, your family, all are supportive to you
Makar – This is a period of your personal well-being and to show your involvement in your work, for that reason there is lot of auspiciousness which will help you to address your issues
Day special – People will come forward to help you and that includes your spouse also, you have to appreciate that fact as that is going to benefit you
Kumbh – Your stress & pressures may be psychological but you will still have to understand the financial outflows, you should not create a situation which may put financial pressures on you
Do – There can be hidden issues behind the forces which are not as well placed, therefore you will have to address those issues which crop up suddenly and create stress
Don’t – Don’t still forget that health related issues need care on constant basis, depending on luck on that is not right
Meena – Financial angle is generally well placed and you are blessed, this is the direct result of your own focused involvement which is showing in a positive manner
Day special – Putting your money into any kind of risk or increasing your outflows is not advantageous, you will have to therefore plan each step forward so that your money is not wasted in any manner

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