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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday 11 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You will be able to speak well and influence others forcibly, as a result your financial gains are indicated
Day special – You will also be arrange funds for your needs and for your work, that will provide the necessary growth which you are expecting and all this will lead to success
Vrish – If you are thinking of finding suitable professional avenues closer to your home or your own people then you may succeed, for that reason you may also be thinking of change of place as well
Do – Your hard work is showing and your performance is pointed, that will provide the necessary growth which you want at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a generally lucky period, but you have to avoid getting into any kind of differences of opinion which you may get into, you need to protect yourself from that
Mithun – Your efforts may be strong to bring in lucky avenues for you, but in the process you may also be a bit wasteful in your expenses
Day special – Relationships may not be as happy for you as you expect, you may want to fulfill your desires but there can be upsets in the process as well
Karka – Financial angle is very heavy on your mind, but you are taking risk because your knowledge may not help you or support you
Do – As a result you may take some risky decisions in which your money may be put into difficulties, that is where some care is needed
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too firm in your attitude, try to be mild so that you are able to understand the views of others and take help & guidance of others
Simha – You may be very forceful in thinking about changes but that is a mistake which you are doing, for that reason if you connect with others then you can actually be protected
Day special – Financial planning will be needed because arranging or utilizing funds in a proper way is very essential, you have to therefore take extra care so that you do not go wrong in any kind of discussion
Kanya – Financial angle is beautifully placed and you will be benefited, for that reason you may also be willing to please others and spend money on others
Do – Relationships may generally be supportive and you may get happiness out of it, but the best linkage still remains that your financial prosperity is growing
Don’t – Don’t therefore be wasteful from your side, conserving your financial resources can be very essential for which you will have to plan your funds and repay your liabilities
Tula – You may be trying to do everything to take your relationships forward, but you are stressed for various reasons and worried whether that is going to be possible
Day special – Work related pressures are also growing and you may not find enough time to follow your personal life needs, therefore a lot of careful planning & balance is needed at every step
Vrishchik – Generally supportive period for your involvement with your loved ones to be stable, for that reason luck is on your side in many ways
Do – If you are thinking of travels or far off linkages then that option can be considered, there are issues in personal life which need to be handled from your side
Don’t – Don’t have an attitude of creating wastages in any manner, especially in matters connected with your pleasures or travels you have to be more conservative
Dhanu – You need to be milder in your approach if you wish to gain happiness, especially in any discussion you will have to listen more and speak less
Day special – Health also needs care and psychologically you need to be happy, that is where pressures are indicated which need to be protected
Makar – Personal relationships are generally stable and vibrant, work related issues are well placed and you will be benefited
Do – Your own abilities are remarkable and they will be used properly by you in the right direction, that will give you the desired growth in your career as well
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any instability of your own thoughts as far as carrying relationships are concerned, you will have to show your goodness at every step which is very essential
Kumbh – Some stress in personal life is indicated, for that reason you will have to take care of your own loved ones in home & family as well
Day special – Conflicts will have to be avoided and psychological differences will have to be kept under control, don’t make mistakes from your side as that is not required
Meena – Your focus is increasing and your hard work is reflected, as a result you will be benefited immensely in terms of gains or rewards as well
Do – Health needs care and financial planning is required, all these factors are placed such that you have to take care at every step
Don’t – Don’t forget that there will be obstacles unexpectedly, and those may come up in terms of your pressures on finances as well as losses, don’t neglect that

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