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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday 17 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Due to some false self-confidence your focus is totally lost, you are thinking of big issues and big achievements, but that is like day dreaming
Day special – You will have to trust your own abilities, then only you will be able to direct your energies in the right direction, present situation is not favorable for that to happen
Vrish – You may not be happy with your financial position especially your savings, for that reason you are also not able to use your abilities the way you want
Do – Relationships will have to be cared for, you cannot let weaknesses come in that in any manner
Don’t – Don’t also hurt any one by speaking something which is harsh or hurtful, don’t let your own ego play negatively in this regard
Mithun – Your involvement in work is not as focused as it should be, and on top of it you are being too forceful in your views which is a negtativity in many ways
Day special – Your actions should speak louder than words, for that reason you have to perform more than what you plan or think as only then your efforts can be directed in the right way
Karka – Travels or changes are not suggested as they may not give you the desired results, but still many things are under control which includes your financial position as well
Do – Speak well to others and you will realize that many things will be to your advantage, especially the support and the auspiciousness is with you
Don’t – Don’t be too overpowering in your views, try to understand as to what others think and try to moderate your own thinking
Simha – Financial position is a bit stressful and you are risking it further with your own actions, by thinking that you are right you may even go wrong
Day special – Your money should be handled carefully and with proper plans, don’t do anything which leads to your financial distress in any manner
Kanya – Work related situation has to be improved, just because financial position is stable you cannot become careless with regard to your career
Do – Your financial position is stable because you are able to plan well and execute those plans carefully, but same kind of carefulness is generally required in your work and in your involvement with others as well
Don’t – Don’t try to cheat any one in any manner, don’t have any crafty thoughts on your mind as that may not reflect your own goodness
Tula – Luck may not favor you the way you expect, for that reason even changes may not shape up as per your desires
Day special – Outflows & expenses can lead to wastefulness and may upset your financial plans, therefore a lot of carefulness is required on day to day to handle this situation
Vrishchik – There may be upsets in your relationships as your expectations may not be met, therefore routine kind of obstacles may continue to upset you or bother you
Do – Luck may still be favoring you in many ways, there may be options available before you which you may consider
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial issues are not as well placed as they should be, but with passage of time circumstances will improve and that is a blessing which you carry
Dhanu – Work related situation needs to be improved, your involvement & interaction with others also needs to be handled more carefully
Day special – Psychologically you may have to become milder in your approach, that will help you to overcome the anxiety which you are carrying at this moment
Makar – Health related issues are not looking as good, especially if there are any deficiencies from your side in which you are not taking adequate care
Do – Your care towards others is remarkable, you are able to understand & appreciate the views of others and that will help you in many ways
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore your own inherent abilities which can help you immensely, don’t therefore forget that you have the ability and it can be used to your advantage
Kumbh – Relationships are stressful and not giving you any happiness, it is better to stay away from any love involvement at this stage as it is not shaping up the way you want
Day special – Even your positive efforts to improve your relationships may not give you any positive rewards, but your involvement in work is shaping up very well and that is where your focus must lie
Meena – You have tremendous ability but you are not able to use it to your advantage, for that reason people around you are also not supporting you as much as they can
Do – There may be stress & pressures in financial matters, you have to be careful otherwise you may be facing some kind of pressure or loss
Don’t – Don’t ignore the views of your boss or people who are important, any disagreements will lead to problems for you, don’t let that happen

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