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Friday, March 11, 2011

Saturday 12 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are being very firm in your approach but that is the goodness which will give you rewards, you may even be very strong in what you convey to others in a forceful manner
Do – Gains from home & property are indicated for which you will be benefited, therefore you have to plan all those steps carefully
Don’t – Don’t forget that you can get the benefit or advantage from your partners or well-wishers as well, that is something which will protect you from differences as well
Vrish – Your self-confidence is high and for that reason your involvement will also be remarkable, that is the way you have to conduct yourself so that you are benefited in the long run
Day special – You are depending on luck and luck is generally favorable to you, that is the auspiciousness with which you are placed and you will be benefited in the long run as well
Mithun – Financial issues need lot of planning as you can go wrong in your calculations, that effort & carefulness may be needed at every step now
Do – Relationships are not as strong and if you push yourself to fulfill your desires you may annoy others, take care on that
Don’t – Don’t create obstacles and upsets for yourself with your own thinking, you will have to possibly understand the views of others as well which is very important
Karka – Financial gains can be there for you because you are determined to get that success, as a result you will also take your own people along in this journey and that will provide a lot of happiness
Day special – This goodness is abundantly available to you in a favorable manner, divine forces are placed such that you will be happy, but you will have to protect yourself from someone trying to take advantage of you
Simha – Work related focus is remarkable and you are very pointed in your thoughts, even to the extent that you are thinking too much and in terms of extremes at times which is not generally required
Do – There can be differences of opinion which you may get into unnecessarily, it may be advantageous if you become milder in your approach at this stage
Don’t – Don’t pick up any fights and get into conflicts, that can lead to your own loss unnecessarily and that is where you need to be careful
Kanya – You are very pointed to draw the advantage & happiness in many ways, and that includes financial prosperity as well
Day Special – The goodness of this period reflects in a manner that relationships can become vibrant, the advantage is that you will be able to speak well and convey your thoughts very clearly which will be helpful to you in the long run
Tula – Your rigidness is showing and that can be your own mistake, your goodness is therefore getting reduced because of this very factor
Do – Work related patterns are stressful but needs lot of patience, you will have to slow down a bit and not trouble yourself on the psychological front in any manner
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people need your care and your love, you will have to therefore be caring towards them without thinking so much about yourself
Vrishchik – You are very focused towards your own loved ones and that will provide lot of happiness to you, you are also aware that generally luck is supportive to you at every step and therefore your thinking is just right
Day special – All this goodness also requires care on being wasteful towards your own people, you cannot agree or accept to whatever demands may be put to you
Dhanu – Health needs care but you will have to moderate your own thinking in the process, a little bit of carefulness can bring you the stability of your thoughts and related rewards
Do – Financial planning is needed and you will have to be very mild in your thinking, thinking too much and in terms of extremes is not actually required
Don’t – Don’t carry any thoughts of disillusionment on your mind, those are not actually required in the manner in which you are thinking
Makar – Relationships are important to you but more than that your own abilities are very essential for you at this stage, and you have all this in abundance for which God has been kind
Day special – Overall pattern of your professional well-being is well indicated, you are devoted towards your work in whatever work you are doing and that will give you the rewards
Kumbh – Happiness in home & family is indicated abundantly but you are being careless as well, if you are thinking of changes or change of place then a lot of care is definitely needed
Do – Plan well and think rationally, and you will think & realize that stability is more important in life than anything else
Don’t – Don’t therefore also neglect your health in the process, that is why moderation on various factors in life is needed which you will have to understand
Meena – If you work hard your performance will also improve, with that kind of goodness your pressures & problems will also be resolved in the process
Day special – Overall pattern of prosperity is well indicated, but wastages are also showing as you are being too philanthropic and helpful to others

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