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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday 24 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are stressing yourself for work and for finances, you are being too sensitive in your thoughts also at the same time
Do – Avoid drastic thoughts or changes as it can lead to your own loss, more than anything else you have to be at peace so that this period is crossed
Don’t – Don’t also forget that financial prosperity is generally there for you to get & enjoy, but your planning needs to be improved to get the advantage
Vrish – You may be willing to connect with people and they are supporting you also, but you are not still satisfied with the response which you are getting in the process
Day special – There is instability in your knowledge & in your performance, that is where some greater involvement is needed at this moment
Mithun – Stress can be there on your mind connected with your personal life, but your own attitude & involvement is lacking in some form or the other which is not looking good
Do – Relationships are stressed because there are differences of opinion, there is also a risk that you may be moving away from your own people
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are mistakes from your side which you will have to control, you will have to connect with others whole heartedly and only then the situation will improve
Karka – There can be deficiencies in your abilities and in your performance, that is why you will have to work hard and also to communicate with others
Day special – Relationships are suffering because of these very factors, you are also creating pressures with your own people in home & family for this very reason, all this requires lot of peace & patience of your mind
Simha – You are being too harsh & hurtful in what you are speaking, that is why the problems are arising and you are aware of this entire weakness
Do – Luck may be supportive to you especially on your work related matters, but in personal relationships there are many issues which need to be handled more carefully, remember that
Don’t – Don’t also forget that merely arranging funds is not important, you will have to plan for it very carefully so that your money is safe
Kanya – Relationships are important to you and there is lot of instability in that, but you are also giving more importance to money than what is required
Day Special – There is need for moderation of your own thoughts, you have to avoid being too negative or too sensitive at the same time
Tula – Your thinking is becoming such that you are creating wastages for yourself, this requires lot of carefulness as you cannot continue with this kind of thinking
Do – Relationships will have to be cared for, you will have to speak to others and convey your thoughts, that is important
Don’t – Don’t be too sensitive in matters connected with your work, certain ups & downs of your performance will always be there but you will have to accept it as a reality
Vrishchik – Your thoughts for financial prosperity are understandable, your efforts will bring the rewards but there is some irregularity in that
Day special – Luck may not be as supportive but your own involvement with others will help you to gain happiness, that is the way you have to move forward now
Dhanu – Becoming stressed is not going to solve the problems, your ability to communicate with others will help you to gain the stability & happiness which is important
Do – Thoughts of travels, changes & pressures can be there on your mind, you will have to therefore plan your moves carefully and with proper planning on your mind
Don’t – Don’t create psychological stress for yourself in the form of pressures or obstacles, that is not really needed as you should not become too negative in your thoughts
Makar – Your involvement is generally positive and that is the goodness which you carry, but as far as the need to connect with others is concerned there are deficiencies from your side
Day special – Especially with your partners, well-wishers you will have to keep more patience, by doing that you will be able to understand the views of people around you also
Kumbh – There are pressures around you and there is instability of your thoughts, you may be generally involved in your work but dissatisfied
Do – Involvement has to be maintained with lot of hard work, that will automatically reduce the sensitivity which you carry and which is not required
Don’t – Don’t at the same forget that changes in any manner can have issues connected with that, you cannot possibly think that everything will be all right because there can be upsets
Meena – You will have to understand the views of others even if others are not so transparent in their views, that is why you will have to keep a lot of patience
Day special – Your own goodness has to be maintained and many things will be in place, relationships may not be as vibrant but still you will have to try & avoid getting away from your own people

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