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Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuesday 8 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are stressing yourself by your own thinking which is not looking so good, you may be determined to take decisions but that is leading to more of uneasiness and less of decisions
Do – Keeping a pragmatic & practical approach in life is very essential, for that you will have to accept many things as a reality
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that your own abilities need to be maintained & sharpened, that is the way forward and changes in itself will not provide the solutions as you want
Vrish – Financial position is stable and that will make you happy, savings will also emerge slowly & gradually in life as that always takes time
Day special – Protect your financial position by careful decision-making, you cannot take a decision which may be harmful or which may pressurize you on professional & financial situation
Mithun – Work related situation is strongly placed and there is nothing as adverse as you may think, but you expect a lot of help & support from others which may not come as per your expectations
Do – Your expectations are high and they need to be made practical, you have to understand that everyone around you has his own problems and he or she cannot just think about you and solve your problems
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that it is your own conviction & focus towards life which will take you forward, for that many things are under control and the situation is quite comfortable
Karka – Generally stable & lucky period in which many things are moving as per your desire, but there are stress points also which you will have to understand & appreciate
Day special – Relationships may not be as strong, financial angle may not be as comfortable because your savings are under some amount of risk for which care is needed, but still there is an overall sense of auspiciousness with which you are placed
Simha – You are stressing yourself by being a bit too egoistic and rigid, you will have to understand that mildness is a bigger virtue which will help you & protect you
Do – Think about others and try to connect with others, that will help you to overcome your stress & pressures which you are carrying, those include financial pressures as well
Don’t – Don’t get into any pattern where you become harsh in your approach, don’t lose your temper and don’t hurt any one with what you say
Kanya – People around you are supportive & helpful, there are good people around you on whom you can trust
Day Special – Your involvement in home & family will help you immensely, for that you will have to remove your own negative-ness which you carry at this stage and which is not required
Tula – Some amount of pressures may be there despite your excellent involvement which you have, if there are any disagreements then you will have to take adequate care which is essential
Do – Connect with your own people and try to resolve those differences, that is essential to think about others and understand the views of others
Don’t – Don’t let any pressures similarly crop up in your work related situation as well, there also a lot of peace & patience is required which need to be carried forward
Vrishchik – Your relationships are generally stable & vibrant, there is nothing which can upset this goodness in any manner
Day special – Your involvement with your family is remarkable and that will provide the balance which you require, but don’t stress yourself on account of any financial reason which may be there on your mind
Dhanu – Happiness in home & family is intact and you are blessed, for that reason financial angle is also generally stable and there is nothing which can bother you at this stage
Do – Understand the needs of others and understand the responsibilities which you have towards others, that is the pattern with which you have to move forward
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily carry apprehensions on your mind, some amount of uneasiness can be there at every step, even if you have to cross your road you can be stressed, but that is not how life can go on
Makar – You have excellent focus and you can benefit from this immensely, your own hard work is going to provide you the opportunities which you are looking and that is looking remarkable
Day special – Financial angle is also very well placed and your emotional well-being is intact, all these aspects are supporting you & helping you immensely
Kumbh – Your past pleasant memories are making you happy and motivating you, even if there are weaknesses in some relationships you still want to think about them and resolve them
Do – Try to discuss your matters and convey your feelings, that is essential to resolve any issues which may be bothering you
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that being too liberal in your eating & drinking habits can cause health upsets, that is where some moderation is needed
Meena – Overall pattern of relationships is stable & vibrant, but there is need for you to understand the views of your own people as you cannot ignore them
Day special – You have to become mild from your side, that is the only way to understand the views & feelings of others because you cannot go wrong on that

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