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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunday 6 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Distress & pressures on you are on account of several misunderstandings which are continuing, they can be connected with money and may even lead to loss as the week progresses
Do – Care is needed because you cannot let any kind of distressful situation emerge, you must therefore avoid any misunderstandings which have been continuing for a while
Don’t – Don’t also make yourself rigid in your views or in your approach, that is a kind of egoistic behavior which is not required
Vrish – You may be carrying that goodness to get you the rewards from your work, for that reason your abilities are being used properly and you will be benefited
Week special – Your efforts are pointed and that is the advantage which you carry at this stage, but risk to your money is still there which you will have to protect
Mithun – Work may be stable but there are many hidden issues which are continuing side by side, therefore there are ups & downs of a pattern which is not looking as comfortable as you would like it to be
Do – There is also a tendency of becoming too rigid in your approach as the week progresses, you will have to therefore plan carefully and become very mild in your ways, try to understand the views of others and protect your relationships in the process
Don’t – Don’t let your relationships suffer on account of distance or on account of changes which may be there on your mind, care is definitely needed
Karka – Luck may be supportive but relationships will still have to be nurtured carefully, any instability or ups & downs can create sudden upsets which are not required
Week special – In marital relationship in particular you will have to be very careful, even with your partners any disagreements will have to be protected
Simha – Financial angle is possibly under pressure because there are many commitments which you will have to fulfill, psychologically therefore you may be under some sort of pressure of expenses or outflows
Do – Financial planning is definitely needed because there are too many issues continuing side by side, that includes the possibility of someone trying to take advantage of you also at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are important to you and you are worried for that, the best is not emerging because your own people are not able to appreciate your views also
Kanya – You may be good to others but you are not getting the same response from others, that is where you feel that life is unfair towards you in many ways
Week Special – Your own goodness lies in the fact that you try & understand the other persons’ viewpoint, even if there are disagreements of routine nature you will have to keep your patience in the process
Tula – Wasteful expenses or losses are continuing and that is not looking good, just because you are not agreeing with the views of others is something which is your mistake and you have to understand that
Do – Circumstances are placed in a manner which are not very comfortable, therefore stressful situations are continuing which will have to be avoided from your side
Don’t – Don’t still forget that your efforts & pointed focus must remain in the right direction, life may take its own twists & turns but your own involvement should not get reduced in any manner
Vrishchik – Rewards from your own efforts may continue to be there, but your focus is getting diverted to some kind of relationship which is becoming stronger in some way or the other
Week special – Whatever you speak or convey to others will have to be done with care, otherwise you may be misunderstood in the process and that is where the problem lies, be very mild in whatever you do or say as that is important
Dhanu – Rewards of your involvement will get reflected in this week as the progress takes place, that may give you the advantages or opportunities connected with your career as well
Do – Your own family & well-wishers are supportive & caring towards you, that is the pattern which is emerging in a manner which will prove to be advantageous on the psychological front as well
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry unnecessary apprehensions on your mind, they are not really required and they have to be put aside to maintain peace & patience in your life
Makar – Generally your auspiciousness is getting reflected in terms of financial prosperity, and therefore your savings will have to be planned carefully in which there should be not be any unnecessary ups & downs
Week special – You must communicate with others very clearly and with care towards others, for that reason your motivation must remain high to keep your talents up to the mark as you can benefit from that immensely
Kumbh – Financial angle is generally stable but you are risking it immensely, your outflows & your losses can take away that advantage in a sudden-ness which can be upsetting
Do – Trusting others with your funds is not advantageous, that is where some kind of carefulness is needed over a period of time
Don’t – Don’t plan for any change of place or change of circumstances without understanding the full implications of that, don’t therefore depend on luck on taking any such decision
Meena – You want to help others and connect with others, but you may not get the same kind of response which you may get in return
Week special – Still your own philanthropic ways of being good to others is a remarkable thought, for that reason some love relationship can also prosper to give you the happiness which you deserve

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