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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunday 27 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Your financial position can improve and gains can be there, even to the extent that you may get unexpected help which will further improve your financial position.
Week special – While inflows may improve, your expenses are also likely to go up, but these are favorable expenses which may please you.
Vrish – Your involvement in work is remarkable and that can give you the advantage also, but your own goodness is creating some amount of differences of opinion also at your workplace.
Do – You will have to keep a low profile and be peaceful at the same time, that will help you to overcome the patterns of stress which you are carrying.
Don’t – Don’t risk your money in any manner, that is where protection is needed.
Mithun – Your knowledge will help you and your relationships will be supportive towards you, for that reason all kinds of auspiciousness is attached to you.
Week special – Your lack of trust for others can reduce this goodness, that is where you will have to change your own thinking to some extent.
Karka - Pressures are evident in personal life and for that reason your money situation will also be stressful, that is why there are patterns of disagreements also getting created.
Do – Psychologically you will have to be more at peace, that will help you to overcome the health related factors as well.
Don’t – Don’t therefore be to stressed or impulsive at the same time, don’t also risk your money by being too impulsive in your approach.
Simha – For taking your life forward you will have to depend on others, that will help you to improve your focus and concentration in whatever you are doing.
Week special – You have the ability to study but you are not using it properly, you are thinking of so many things simultaneously which is not advantageous.
Kanya – Pressures in personal life are visible although luck is helping you and supporting you immensely, still you are thinking so much which is not right.
Do – Favorableness lies in the fact that you can associate with others very well, you can understand their needs and that is a common factor.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you will have to do a lot for others in home and family, that may include financial help as well.
Tula – Your hard work and focus will help you to increase you studies and gain lot of knowledge, that may include opportunities for far off linkages which you may get.
Week special – But you will have to become very mild in whatever you think and convey to others, that will reduce the misunderstandings which can be there.
Vrishchik - You may be keen for doing so much for your own people in home and family, even to the extent that you may be planning for some investment.
Do – Remaining good in whatever you think or speak is very essential, for that you will have to remove the psychological pressures you carry.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that remaining mild and humble will help you to overcome your problems, and there are many issues at your workplace which needs to be handled carefully.
Dhanu – Your friends and well-wishers are caring and supportive towards you, but you need to plan effectively towards your finances which is very essential.
Week special – Warmth of home and family is important to you and you are connected with that, that is how this goodness is placed which will please you immensely.
Makar – Rewards from work are indicated, your own knowledge also will give you the advantage and for that reason your hard work will support you.
Do – Psychologically you will have to be more at peace, that will help you to overcome your difficulties as well.
Don’t – Don’t carry stress while planning for any travel or changes, that has to be done with peace on your mind.
Kumbh – Very auspicious period as everything is quite under control , happiness is achieved in various ways which includes personal and professional life.
Week special – Financial well-being is indicated and you are blessed, but you will have to avoid the ups and downs of your own thinking which is not required.
Meena – Pressures and problems are indicated, sudden issues may crop up to cause upsets.
Do – Matters connected with work needs to be handled with peace on your mind, that will help you to overcome problems.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own efforts must not be reduced, by maintaining that flow you will be able to maintain that auspiciousness also at the same time.

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