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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thursday 3 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your focus is increasing towards earning money and increasing your prosperity, for that you are very focused and you are getting the rewards in many ways
Day special – Still there is need for financial planning as you have many responsibilities towards that, that may include certain upsets or differences of opinion as well
Vrish – Involvement in your career is remarkable and you will be benefited with that, so much so that you may be thinking of options or alternatives also side by side in the form of change or change of circumstances
Do – Any change will have to be planned very carefully, you have to remember & consider that your own family & loved ones have to be kept in mind while taking any such change
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own partners are also willing to support you & help you in your efforts, that is a remarkable situation and can benefit you even further
Mithun – Generally the period is lucky & supportive to you and financial prosperity is evident, for that reason you may be inclined to invest your money judiciously
Day special – There can be some ups & downs as far as your personal life is concerned, but the support which you are getting from others is such which will resolve many issues to your advantage
Karka – Psychologically pressurizing period because work related pressures may also bother you, you may have to take these factors as a challenge as that is important
Do – You have to be at peace so that psychologically you are able to keep your patience, that is important as you may yourself think too much and think negatively
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are also coming under stress for various reasons, that is another factor which requires careful handling from your side
Simha – You are trying to understand the views of others & fulfill their needs, having this kind of philanthropic attitude is going to immensely help you over a period of time
Day special – This attitude will help you to overcome your disagreements and difficulties, but you will have to remain very mild in whatever you think, speak or do
Kanya – Several pressures are indicated which includes obstacles & losses as well, therefore it is required that you take the support & help from others as much as you can
Do – It is also required that you plan well so that your wastages are kept under control, that is essential at this stage
Don’t – Don’t still forget the fact that work is important and your involvement is important, if there are disagreements in that then you will have to protect yourself and also avoid disagreements with boss
Tula – All your efforts are inclined towards improving relationships, for that reason you are trying to resolve the disputes which have been going on for a while
Day special – If there is distance or disagreements with your loved ones then those have to be resolved, more than anything else you have to inculcate a sense of regularity or discipline to keep your relationships alive & vibrant
Vrishchik – Home & family is important and your resolve to take decisions towards that is on your mind, that is why your entire efforts are towards improving your personal life
Do – Relationships are generally stable and there is nothing to worry, but you will have to protect yourself from change of your plans repeatedly as far as your investments are concerned
Don’t – Don’t still forget that routine kind of issues may continue to bother you, but that is the reality which you will have to accept over a period of time
Dhanu – Your efforts are remarkable and pointed, you are also a bit worried for the pressures which may get in your work or in your career
Day special – Your focus or your decisions connected with work are a bit unstable, but that is the reality which is emerging and which has to be accepted, there is however need for you to plan well for the future
Makar – You are very inclined to think about your financial prosperity, with that kind of focused attention you are definitely going to be benefited
Do – You may be a bit too liberal in your eating & drinking habits, that is why there are linkages which require care for your health
Don’t – Don’t also forget that patience is needed in discussing your matters, especially in what you convey to your boss there may be pressures
Kumbh – You are becoming a bit too emotional because you are thinking of so many things at the same time, handling your issues one at a time is more important than complicating your matters
Day special – Emotional angle will have to be handled very carefully, your own mistakes should not lead to spoiling your relationships in any manner
Meena – You are bit careless in your expenses or spendings, that is why wastages are appearing which is not looking good
Do – You will have to plan your finances on regular basis, there are too many stress & pressures which you are carrying on this which are not looking good
Don’t – Don’t still forget that the overall pattern of auspiciousness is intact and there is nothing really to worry, but planning for the present as well as for the future is very essential which you cannot ignore

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