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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday 13 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – On account of certain worries which you carry you may be creating hindrances in your performance, you are generally focused but not able to carry that focus because of too many thoughts on your mind
Week special – That is the reason that your performance is not giving you adequate rewards, that is why you are thinking of so many alternatives & changes all the time which is not right
Vrish – You are trying to bring in major changes by even putting pressure on your finances, that is exactly where some planning is needed as you cannot go wrong
Do – Your partners or well-wishers may generally be supportive of you, but you are still contemplating many thoughts for changes which will have to be done with care
Don’t – Don’t forget that money may come in easily, but that money may be difficult to convert into savings or assets, that is where your own weakness lies
Mithun – You are able to plan for your funds very well, for that reason your efforts are also pointed which will help you to plan for your investments as well as for your future
Week special – Your own focus towards your work is somehow getting reduced in the process, you will have to find a balance and devote as much time towards your work also as it is important
Karka – Work related pressures are there because you are not able to perform up to your abilities, that is why your knowledge or your skills are also not helping you adequately
Do – Protect yourself from negative thinking & worries which you carry, that can deviate your mind the way in which it is not desired,
Don’t – Don’t get into any arguments especially with the boss, you will have to show your own stability of mind and maturity which is essential
Simha – Generally lucky & stable period in personal life, but financial angle is not shaping up the way you expect and that is where the problem lies
Week special – You must connect with your own people and try to understand their needs, but at the same time you will have to keep your own peace & patience which is definitely required
Kanya – Many pressures & hindrances are showing as you can create adverse situations for yourself,
Do – Your own thinking is becoming such that you are thinking of problems only, so much so that you are not able to control your differences of opinion as well
Don’t – Don’t reduce the quality of your own efforts as well as of your work in any manner, if you think that people around you are not fair towards you then it is your own negative-ness playing
Tula – Relationships are important to you and you are keen to do anything for them, but it is more of a fulfillment of desire which you carry on your mind in some form or the other
Week special – Luck may not help you as much as your own efforts can, therefore you will have to stay very focused and committed in whatever you are trying to do
Vrishchik – You may be generally devoted to fulfill the needs of your own people, that is the goodness which you carry
Do – Side by side you will have to protect yourself from getting into conflicts which may be brewing, that is where your own peace & patience will help you to handle your situation
Don’t – Don’t expect any major improvement in your financial position at this stage, in fact it will be better to avoid any discussion on that for a while
Dhanu – Very lucky period for you to care for your own loved ones & your children, but you may side by side be a bit worried also for others
Week special – You may think that people around you are not being as supportive, but you will have to carry a sense of peace & harmony in your mind and you will realize that there is abundant goodness around you
Makar – There may be difficulties for you in terms of your financial planning, you will have to be careful otherwise your money may get stuck
Do – Care is also needed to keep your own peaceful attitude at this stage, if you discuss your matters too forcefully then your own image may be lost
Don’t – Don’t also ignore your health as that is another factor requiring care, you may be wrong in your assessment of whatever you are thinking and that is why there is need for investigations
Kumbh – Your own hard work will bring in the rewards and support to you abundantly, even in work or in personal life this is a good indication which you can benefit from
Week special – In some love relationship there can be weaknesses as the period is not supportive, even in some discussion you may go wrong as you may be blamed of being too egoistic
Meena – Wastages are indicated and whatever you do can be such that you may be distressed, therefore a lot of carefulness is needed at this stage
Do – Planning for funds and arranging funds can also be a wasteful exercise, its utilization can also be poor and that is where the problem lies
Don’t – Don’t also ignore the factor of health which is all important, thinking that everything is all right may not be the right attitude and you will have to be careful

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