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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday 22 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to understand your partners or associates, but you are carrying lot of dissatisfactions in your mind unnecessarily
Do – You will have to realize that people around you are helping you & supporting you, but you are creating distress on your mind because your expectations are high
Don’t – Don’t therefore take any decision or form any view with distress on your mind, that can lead to more of expenses or upsets
Vrish – Health is a concern which you will have to care, but more than anything else you will have to be very peaceful psychologically as that is complicating the matters
Day special – There may be many hidden issues around you about which you are not aware, you will have to ascertain all those facts before taking your next step
Mithun – Relationships are not shaping up the way you want, that is why you are not able to trust any one the way it should be
Do – There are moments in life when you cannot get what you aspire, therefore overall pattern of personal life issues is not as placed as you want, take care and keep your views positive, otherwise you are increasing your problems unnecessarily
Don’t – Don’t also carry any dissatisfactions for people around you, you will have to depend on those very people in the process
Karka – Personal life issues are stable and you are happy, but in home & family there is a risk of getting into difficulties & dissatisfactions because of your own thinking
Day special – Largely you are helpful to others even by supporting them on financial terms, that will give you the necessary happiness in the process
Simha – You have the ability to work hard and to perform, but you are having self-created doubts which is reducing that ability also
Do – That is why your focus is not in the pointed direction, you will have to therefore plan well and execute those plans carefully
Don’t – Don’t get into stressful situations of misunderstandings at your work place, even in emotional relationships you will have to be very caring for that very reason
Kanya – Stress in home & family is indicated, whatever you speak may be misunderstood and that is where the problem lies
Day Special – You have your own desires on your mind to which you are giving importance, but you will have to also realize that people around you and your loved ones also need that importance which you must give
Tula – You may have thoughts connected with changes or travels on your mind, on the other hand you wish to be close to your own people to get the necessary advantage as well
Do – Protect yourself from wastages in the process, your expenses & outflows can be high and can be something like loss only
Don’t – Don’t show your distress or dissatisfactions in decisions connected with changes, for that reason misunderstandings will have to be controlled
Vrishchik – Your financial position may be stable but your dissatisfactions continue, that is why your impulsive thoughts are continuing to show expenses which can be controlled
Day special – Travels may be there on your mind and you may be planning for that, but all that has to be done with satisfaction rather than any uneasiness
Dhanu – Unnecessary thoughts of pressures must be removed from your mind, that is playing a negative role which is not really required
Do – Think of the stability & prosperity which you are achieving in the process, think also of discussing your matters for professional career for your own advantage
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry thoughts which show distress or dissatisfactions, auspiciousness is abundant and that is how you have to take advantage of this situation
Makar – You are worried about changes & pressures, that is why you are not able to take your professional decisions with that kind of satisfaction which is required
Day special – Your involvement in work is still stable and there is nothing to worry, even to the extent that your abilities are generally supporting you and helping you, but you will have to remove your pressures which you are carrying at the moment
Kumbh – You may not be happy with your financial position and that is where the problem lies, but if you really realize your savings are growing and your overall prosperity is improving
Do – Too many changes may be there on your mind for which you wish to take big decisions, but you will have to take careful decisions with your work as the focus point and only then you must take those decisions
Don’t – Don’t also expect any great developments in some love relationship, despite your discussions or desires you must keep your expectations low
Meena – You may not be happy with your work or with your studies, that is why there may be worries about your career on your mind
Day special – In view of these very thoughts your performance is getting reduced and you are not able to achieve as much, that is why your financial situation is not shaping up the way your expectations are, that is where some thoughtfulness is required

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