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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monday 14 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not happy the way circumstances are shaping up and that is why you are carrying lot of worries, largely it is your own thinking which is playing a negative role
Do – You are being a bit too impulsive in the hope that everything will become all right, that is why your pressures and losses are increasing, protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t therefore think of change or alternatives all the time, this is not the time to think like that
Vrish – There are obstacles because of your own divergent views, that is why you may be creating stress & pressures in financial situation as well
Day special – You will have to protect yourself from any discussion which may go against you, therefore lot of planning is needed at every step which you wish to take now
Mithun – If you have any lack of trust for people around you then this may be disadvantageous, in fact it is your own weakness which is showing in a manner that you are responding like that to others
Do – Keep your own thinking very peaceful and discuss your matters very carefully, especially in home & family this care is needed
Don’t – Don’t find fault in others, don’t be too critical in your approach in this manner, that is not going to help
Karka – You may be ignoring your health and that is where you may be going wrong, that is why certain investigations may help you at this stage wherever problems exist
Day special – You will also have to be careful in maintaining moderation in eating & drinking habits, that is another factor where certain investigations may help you whether something is going wrong or not
Simha – There may be pressures & problems in some love relationship, that is why you are unhappy & distressed in the process
Do – This is not a period to try & resolve those matters also, whatever you discuss may actually go wrong and that is where the entire problem lies
Don’t – Don’t also forget that this is a period where someone may try to take advantage of your goodness and your money, that is why don’t go wrong on financial planning aspect at this stage
Kanya – Having lack of trust for your own people in home & family can be disadvantageous, you can actually bring in a lot of trust if you try as there is nothing as drastically wrong
Day Special – Work related matters are getting weakened by the day, you will have to therefore involve yourself fully & whole-heartedly
Tula – Your own abilities may be all right but you are having doubts about that, this is a situation made up in the mind and not as real
Do – The weakness lies in the fact that you are expecting more than what you are making efforts, that is where your own wastages are indicated which is not looking good, carefulness may be needed and you must avoid depending on luck, that is not required
Don’t – Don’t at the same time blame yourself for something which is not happening, from your side you have to increase your own efforts
Vrishchik – Your dissatisfactions about your savings & money may actually be thoughts made up in the mind, there are virtues and there is goodness around you with which you should be generally happy
Day special – Psychologically you are stressing yourself too much more than what is required, you will have to therefore keep a lot of peace & patience on your mind in the process
Dhanu – This is a period where you are not in a mood and you may be a little stressed, but to avoid that requires lot of carefulness at each step
Do – You must involve yourself in something or the other, remain busy and you will not think too much
Don’t – Don’t also start thinking of mistakes & faults in others, that can be the real culprit which can create upsets and that is to be avoided
Makar – Wastages are indicated and your impulsiveness is showing, more than anything else your distressful thinking is reducing your own abilities & goodness
Day special – Luck may not be as supportive but your own efforts can actually turn the table, you have to understand this pattern which is shaping up in which your psychological distress must be controlled
Kumbh – Financial angle may be generally stable but you are still not happy, you wish to do so much more for your loved ones and that is where the problem lies
Do – This is a period where some love relationship may also suffer because you are thinking too much, you will have to take extra care to connect with others and to please others
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that you cannot expect magic or miracles in relationships at this stage, you will have to keep your patience and wait for a while
Meena – Work related situation may be stable but your satisfactions are still not there, that is why you are bringing lot of pressures in your personal life as a result of those linkages
Day special – Don’t let your personal life suffer because of your professional problems, you will have to therefore find a balance and move on with that kind of conviction

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