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Friday, March 18, 2011

Saturday 19 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to involve in your work very well, for that reason your focus needs to be further improved because your knowledge is not supporting you as much
Day special – Try to increase or improve your knowledge & skills by studies or otherwise, that will help you to focus more pointedly to make your destiny
Vrish – You are thinking about creating stability in your life by improved involvement, but also you are thinking of many changes simultaneously which you wish to bring about
Do – Generally the period is supportive & helpful, but drastic decisions connected with career will have to be taken with care
Don’t – Don’t get into any stress or pressures for yourself especially connected with home & family, therefore a lot of carefulness is needed so that you are able to protect your situation
Mithun – Pressures are evident because relationships are not moving in the right direction, you may be thinking too much and trying to achieve too much, but that is not how things are placed
Day special – Move one step forward at a time and you will be able to resolve many issues, but expecting too much from some love relationship is not advisable
Karka – Generally stable & happy period, you are not able to take care of others very well and show your goodness in the process
Do – Whatever you are doing or thinking is generally positively placed, that is the reason that your support will emerge as you are able to show your goodness towards others
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there can be issues connected with work which need to be handled more carefully, especially if there are weaknesses in your own performance then that has to be improved from your side
Simha – Work related situation is such which shows concerns, despite your positive efforts you are gathering criticism & misunderstandings side by side
Day special – People who are important may not help you or support you, therefore a lot of carefulness is needed to take your steps forward, especially in what you discuss you will have to be careful
Kanya – Your expectations from some love relationship are intense, but there are instabilities and weaknesses which you portray in terms of your own thoughts & desires as well
Do – You will have to connect with others whole-heartedly, having a hidden agenda is not going to help you in any manner
Don’t – Don’t therefore have extremes of desires which may not be required, honest commitment in relationships is to be created
Tula – Your positive involvement with your own people is well placed, you will be able to resolve your differences also as a result of this auspiciousness which you are trying to portray
Day special – People who are important may not be supportive of you or your efforts, that is the reason that many things will show patterns of stress which will have to be resolved
Vrishchik – This period is motivating you to work hard and to progress further, you may also have many thoughts of alternatives on your mind for career progression
Do – This period is also motivating you to perform more than what you have been doing, that is the goodness with which the circumstances are placed
Don’t – Don’t at the same forget that financial matters will have to be taken care of, don’t let any situation arise where your inflows may get reduced
Dhanu – Financial situation is generally stable and there is nothing to worry, taking loans or planning for finances is favorably placed which will benefit you
Day special – Thoughts for home, family or property are inherently strong, you will be able to benefit from this situation immensely as you proceed
Makar – Generally stable & auspicious period and there is nothing adverse, but you are thinking too much and stressing yourself especially with regard to your partner or your overall relationships
Do – Communicating with others with an open mind will help you, you will have to understand the views of your critics or your distracters also side by side as their views are to your advantage
Don’t – Don’t take criticism in a negative manner, try to learn something out of it as that can open the doors of goodness for you
Kumbh – Auspiciousness is lost because the goodness is not sustained as much as it is desired, for that reason you are getting into irrelevant issues also
Day special – Discussions will have to be carried forward with care, you will have to understand the views of others in what you think or do as that will show your pragmatism in many ways
Meena – Financial gains are possible as a result of your own efforts & involvement, but there are obstacles also which you will have to understand and that is why you are psychologically pressurized as well
Do – There is need for you to resolve the pressures and differences which you carry, but most of them are created in your mind and you will have to change your own thinking
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the bigger fact that you will have to work hard as that is the only way forward, many things can be handled with your positive involvement and that is something which you will have to remember

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