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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday 28 March 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your studies are not helping you or supporting you, for that reason your focus is lost.
Do – You may be gathering opposition around you at this stage, for that you will have to protect yourself.
Don’t – Don’t also create thoughts of stress at your workplace; don’t annoy people around you which may include your boss also.
Vrish – Gains are evident from various sources, and those gains can be from your own people in a very lucky manner.
Day special – Luck is helping you to improve your knowledge in many ways, but somehow the real advantage is not getting achieved as yet, for that you will have to struggle more.
Mithun – Your own hard work is going to benefit you immensely, for that you are motivated also and your gains are also visible.
Do – you will still need to take your own people along in many ways, that is the area where some weaknesses are indicated.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that work is important and your stability of your thought is also important, for that you will have to keep very stable thinking all the time.
Karka – Generally helpful, supportive and auspicious period, many things are moving to your advantage slowly and steadily.
Day special – You are able to connect with others very well and get the motivation from others in the process, that is creating a lot of goodness around you, but you will have to improve your regularity.
Simha – Some self-created mistakes are indicated, on account of which people may not help you, you are creating more of obstacles around you which needs protection.
Do – If you are thinking of major changes then this is not the right period to do so, you will have to postpone those thoughts and keep a lot of patience.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that work is important and that is where your focus must align, that can prove to be advantageous.
Kanya – Changes are there on your mind and they may seem very lucrative also, but you are thinking constantly about some relationship for which you want to maintain stability as well.
Day special – Overall pattern is such that you are thinking of many things at the same time, but lots of unstable thoughts are there which need to be control.
Tula – Some financial issues may be there which may increase your stress, for that reason you will have to avoid the differences of opinion.
Do – Try to understand that financial planning is very essential, for that reason repayment of loans or arranging funds both may be planned adequately.
Don’t – Don’t think of major changes as that can be an unstable effort, that is where a lot of careful thinking is needed.
Vrishchik – Work related matters are generally stable; your work is motivating you to increase your knowledge and work towards your goals.
Day special – Your efforts are positive but unstable, you will have to improve that regularity on day to day basis which will benefit you.
Dhanu – Generally happy and lucky period for you, you are also pleasant towards others and that is a goodness which you carry.
Do – Communicate with stability of your mind, unstable thoughts will have to be removed from your thinking.
Don’t – Don’t forget that happiness and auspiciousness comes with the fact that you have to connect with your own people, for that reason even if you don’t get the response in a positive way, you must maintain your own goodness.
Makar – Certain issues of upsets may be there which may include upset from boss as well, therefore you will have to try and get as much support for yourself as is required.
Day special – Gains from work are generally indicate, for that reason I would say that this is the lucky period which continues to give you stability as well.
Kumbh – You may get gains on account of help and support of others, but there are disagreements building up unnecessarily which may lead to certain discussions as well.
Do – Keep your thoughts very clear and stable, for that maintain a lot of patience on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t be wasteful in your thoughts as that can lead to your losses, that is a mistake which you will have to avoid.
Meena – Differences must be worded with the people who are important, and especially if there are differences on account of finances then this needs lot of care.
Day special – auspiciousness is there to protect you, but your own lack of planning is where the problem lies, you may not get the advantage from others the way you would expect.

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