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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10th July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

very favorable period, your positive efforts can show results for betterment of your children, luck is not favoring you but your hard work is more than sufficient
expenses and also family issues bother you, uneasiness can cause indecisions in profession, you have to understand that, only then you can bring about stability
lot of uneasiness and dissatisfactions in life, still you are moving ahead with lot of courage, believe me honest efforts always get the support and blessings of God
you are thinking of changes in life, this thought is basically for financial gains, your routine expenses may also go up, net result may be the same, count on the strength of your existing job, there is no weakness in that
very auspicious period, best indications for involvement for financial gains, you have the ability to earn well, avoid being critical in your attitude
weak period, expenses and outflows can bother you, protect the stability of your job, don’t risk that with your uneasiness, avoid differences with your friends, dont take decisions on lack of information
excellent overall period, nothing to worry, financial inflows have to be protected, your expenses may be increasing now
worried about pressures of your work, try to establish yourself well as you can reap the benefits of this effort later, avoid psychological conflicts with people who matter
your studies can open the gates of auspiciousness for you, use your knowledge to your advantage, financial strength will emerge soon
protect yourself form differences with boss, tat can lead to obstacles, you may even threaten the stability of your job unless you take care
support from others benefits you, this is helpful in your studies as well as sin your career, health concerns are likely to ease now
protect yourself from conflicts in family, they are not based on facts, don’t act hastily, lot of patience is required, financial stability will make you happy

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