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Thursday, July 12, 2007

12th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

your focus is towards children, some differences of opinion with them, don’t have doubts in their abilities, trust them
gains from property can be satisfying, financial pressures may still be there, students are performing well, but they are confused whether this will lead to their success
travels may be there, there can be financial rewards connected with them, your self confidence will help you further, professional upsets need careful handling
you are worried for the sudden losses or outflows, profession stable, financial uneasiness needs careful handling, luck will favor you in all this
your focus towards profession is remarkable, that is your strength, you are passing through a very lucky period, hidden worries are there as if someone is trying to harm you
if thinking of any change in job then consider that again, as such you are uneasy, probe every aspect of it, then only take the decision
apparent financial strength, hidden worries for obstacles, spouse may be supportive, stay calm, don’t be distressed
professionally upsetting period, you have some support which is not enough, ups and downs in knowledge in the form of gaps need to be covered
luck is supporting you, avoid differences of opinion, they can lead to hidden disputes, they can be used against you at a late date
be very careful, unfavorable period, avoid any problem with any govt agency, even avoid disputes with boss, that can cause upsets, financial stability gives you some satisfaction
favorable period for you emotions and relationships, overall support is there, God is kind and gives you all these virtues
health concerns for family on your mind, don’t neglect his, take another opinion if need be, finances are stable and you have no issues on that

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