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Friday, July 27, 2007

27th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

your accumulated karmas can give you lot of auspiciousness, that is getting reflected in financial gains for you, your friends and well wishers are helpful to you in your endeavors
don’t be so self centered, that is human nature, man is selfish by nature, God is kind to you and you do something for others also, your prosperity must be shared and enjoyed by your family members also
travels may not give as much gains as you expect, don’t be too forceful in your profession, that can cause uneasiness to others, financial gains are ensured
gains from family will get reduced because of your attitude, trust the good intensions of your family members, don’t waste money in relationships
auspicious period continues, you have now realized the fact that you have to work hard and achieve, favorable times must be utilized for that effort
professional weakness is indicated, you need a lot of support from others, financial pressures will continue, don’t expect any achievement without matching efforts
lucky period, growth of business sis indicated, investment of money can be made, your efforts may be average but your achievements are very favorable
some change of job or change of focus may benefit you, seek support of your spouse, some old emotions may be revived
you start realizing the viewpoint of your elders or parents, health concerns need care, your friendships are giving dissatisfactions
despite some obstacles your focus is not w becoming very positive, this can work wonders for you, don’t create anxieties on your mind, that can do more harm than good
sudden lucky developments can favor you, your hard work can give good financial gains, be mild with your boss and don’t go against him
professional matters have inherent conflicts or problems, avoid any kind of financial conflicts, inherent factors of loss are there, protect your self form that

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