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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

17th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

your focus for gains of knowledge can prove to be rewarding, it can give you long term gains, do your best, this is the time for you to achieve, you can and you will
you wish to buy some property, desire is there but matching efforts are very confused, you have the money but you can’t achieve that desire, this is the wish of God
good times are there but confusions and dissatisfactions are greater, stay calm, don’t panic, everything is alright, you may be keen to look for change in job, consider that
very favorable period, your abilities are multifarious, you can perform well, you can speak well, why are you worried about writing, you can cultivate the writing ability also
apparently you are stable but inside you are very tense, uneasiness confusions and lack of trust can do more harm than what actually is indicated, protect your self from these negative traits
health can cause upsets, profession is stable but lack of focus may harm your interests, financial pressures will bother you
financial stability is apparently there, but you are too worried for money, if your partner requires more funds then you have to meet those needs also, generally favorable period
your worries for profession are made up in the mind, your opponents can cause harm to you, keep them in good humor, be tactful
you are worried about the intensions of your boss, your boss can turn negative, don’t trust him, trust your abilities and hard work, that only can protect you
hidden factors are capable of causing harm, be careful and don’t risk anything, profession is weak remember that, you are stable in your financial matters
lack of trust in your partner, life partner or business partner both can be harmful, don’t trust any hearsay, try to ascertain the facts yourself
generally favorable period, some conflicts are brewing in the background, avoid financial conflicts at all costs, some patience will be needed

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