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Sunday, July 22, 2007

22nd July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

tensions and stress in the beginning of week, obstacle and ill health, From Thursday favorable for happiness in family financial gains and stability
finances stable on Tuesday and Wednesday, health concerns in the beginning of the week, on other days some stress of work and financial pressures,
generally favorable and happy circumstances, avoid differences of opinion, end of week may bring expenses, your focus needs to be improved
when not involved in work you are stressed, when working you are happy, this shows your desire to achieve, this thinking charts the course of your life
favorable on many counts all through the week, some stress towards end of week connected with losses of higher outflows, avoid conflicts with business partners
middle of week brings health related issues, generally you are doing well, still stressful week, you are not satisfied, take care of your health
stability and happiness throughout the week, that will make you happy, nothing to worry, divine blessings with you to give you fulfillment of desires
mixed week, family issues and stress of work, God is kind in many ways, your work is your strength, don’t try to bring needless changes, routine obstacles will be resolved soon
first half of week is stable and happy, control ups and downs of your thinking, don’t be too sensitive, that does not help in life
weak circumstances will prevail, you have to work hard and have patience, weak periods do not last long, there is sunshine after a dark night, next week lot of improvement will be there
professional focus will be good, gain from that, boss may be against you towards the end of the week, avoid those situations, finances stable
generally stable week, handle colleagues or employees carefully during the middle of week, avoid confrontations, have patience

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