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Sunday, July 1, 2007

1st July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly forecasts

very promising week, all kinds of professional and financial stability, investment in property can be rewarding, family happiness is ensured
stable week, generally everything going smooth, some mild financial pressures, nothing alarming, God is kind, be thankful to God for this stability and happiness
stressful in the beginning of week, your hard work and focus will improve this situation, financial stability ensured during the week, that will make you happy
stressful week, profession stable and that is your strength, tensions and stress needs to be controlled, financial pressures may be there
average week you need to take things in your stride, don’t be too uneasy, it will not help you, friends and well-wishers may not support you, plan well for your finances
first half of week favorable and happy, generally nothing to worry, some ups and downs are always there, they become the purpose and meaning of your life,
this week can be described as hard work, warmth of home, love from children, efforts for knowledge, God is kind and you have to be thankful for that
a better week in the offing, happiness form children, stress of work, are you working more than what you can handle or comfortable with, think about it
stable and peaceful week, things are getting gradually better, clearer perspective emerges, need not worry, just stay calm and you will be alright
average week for you, some stress tensions health issues may bother you, end of week is peaceful and happy, love and care from family ensures that
mixed influences are seen, pressures on health, strength of profession, emotions strong, stress in marriage, finances stable, it is all there, like the various shades of the spectrum
all kind of auspiciousness till middle of week, confusions towards the end of the week, some emotional dissatisfactions may be there in relationships

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