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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

very forceful efforts for financial improvement, you have understood the strength of knowledge, that will prove to be rewarding, sale and purchase of property still possible
hard work in profession will benefit you, worried for someone loved one to you to be away from you, family tensions may bother you, careful handling is needed
luck favor you for financial inflows, health concerns may aggravate, long distance travels possible
professional worries or tensions, some worries are bound to be there when you are doing well, inflows can convert to savings, confusions can only cause obstacles, protect yourself from that
extremely lucky period, professional commitment will emerge now, conflicts with spouse must be controlled
avoid differences of opinion, a lot of patience is needed, expenses are increasing, that may cause tensions
excellent period for financial inflows, commitment and focus towards work is good, some hidden forces may be trying to harm your interests
uneasiness in family, you wish to do so much of r others, next few days may be stressful for work, some one is trying to stab you on your back
confused emotions should not be mistaken for strength, nothing can be worse than that, financial prosperity is building up now
home and family is in focus, profession is getting weak, beware of hidden enemies, don’t dispute the decisions of your boss
stay focused towards your work, with that you can achieve everything, health is a lingering concern, nerves and skin can cause problems, family is supportive
your confusions suspect the auspiciousness of good times, some worries for children are there, some conflicts in family are appearing

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