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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

18th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

entire focus towards finances and family, you have dissatisfactions on both, Generally this is a stable and favorable period
stable period but you are a bit self centered, your family needs you care, that can give happiness, your wealth must be enjoyed by others also
you may be worried for travels or children or both, you are very focused in life, then why confusions on your mind are spoiling your efforts, don’t let that happen
gains from property can be there, even if these gains are less than expected you should be satisfied with them, that is the wish of God, profession is stable and happy
profession efforts hard work this is the key word for you for your success, avoid self created mistakes, some dissatisfactions will still be there
expenses are high and luck is not favoring you, profession is stable, you have to avoid differences of opinion at work place
very stable and rewarding period, there is nothing to worry, unfounded fears should not be taken seriously, God is kind, be thankful
professional achievements can reach new heights, take on this opportunity with courage and optimism, far off linkages can benefit you, keep those options open
very stable period for financial inflows, your hard work has given you a lot in life, that can further be improved, stiff attitude needs to be changed
weak period, you must ponder over the reasons for this professional weakness, you have excellent abilities, some how you are under stress
very auspicious period, certain changes in life can be considered now, they can open the doors for opportunities
health is weak, obstacles are there, problems can keep you tense, family is supportive, children need to be motivated further

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