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Friday, July 6, 2007

6th July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

period of obstacles, luck not favoring you, avoid conflicts, your focus is towards relatiohsips and that is also under stress
period of financial stress, worries connected with house and family, your involvement is your strength, stay connected with that, avoid wasteful expenses
business partnerships need careful handling, if any misunderstanding on the financial front then try to resolve that, financial stability ensured, investment may be needed in business, be prepared for that
relationships are under stress, profession is going strong, financial pressures will be there, expenses are high, all shades of spectrum, God is kind
professional connections increasing now, finances stable, worries connected with children and family, health needs care and treatment
generally favorable period, stress in friendships will bring you closer to family, students need appreciation for their hard work
health related worries, they need care but you are involved in making money, don’t involve in any illegal ways to earn wealth, more than money take care of your health
focus positive towards professional skills, care for children is praiseworthy, ongoing stress in career needs patience, pray to God for His blessings
focus from family is good, but you seem to be cut off and not getting involved, this is a negative trait, do something about it, it has gone on for too long now
travels can bring gains, flow of things not smooth, intrigues at work place need protection, also avoid differences with boss in the office
realize the importance of investment in business, your efforts and hard work can do wonders, don’t be erratic in your relationships, stay committed, dont have doubts on your mind
focus towards professing or business is good, by evening don’t be critical and don’t find fault in others, financial stability is strong, God is kind

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