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Thursday, July 19, 2007

19th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

self confidence high, good for studies and growth in knowledge, profession weak, worries and hidden concerns in profession, pressures on abilities and handling responsibilities
home and family take priority in life, greater involvement in that, internal politics at work place needs careful handling
your efforts can lead to excellent financial gains, despite your forcefulness you are facing the problems, obstacles confusions and dissatisfactions may be there
don’t be harsh in your speech, financial gains can be stable, confusions of mind can lead to higher expenses which are not required
expenses high and uncontrolled, professional dissatisfactions, luck favors you and there is nothing to worry, financial pressures, still you will be overall happy
profession stable, avoid differences of opinion, lot of pressures on you, health concerns need care, your abilities and performance is suffering because of all these pressures
focus for business investment and profits, your involvement can be profitable, have faith in yourself and your abilities, try to depend on others and gain from the help and support of others
profession stable, favorable period building up for you, routine day to day obstacles can be there, your abilities and strengths are not under any doubt
psychological pressures may be there, everything is not smooth, gain from your knowledge and skills, stay focused, in relationships there are inherent factors of differences of opinion
lot of obstacles, boss may turn against you, differences of opinion, watch your words, avoid self created mistakes out of confusions and lack of clarity
health may be a concern, not taking enough care, divine blessing on you, professional stability is there, your hard work can further improve your profession
health concerns are building up, lot of pressures on you, realize the importance of taking care of health, carefully consider any changes in profession or business, don’t take hasty decisions

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