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Monday, July 9, 2007

9th July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

you devote towards growth and betterment of children, in turn children perform well, for this reason everything is stable, when you do something for others that gives best contentment and happiness
your focus towards home family and own well being, wasteful expenses not letting the goodness appear, if working at a distance you can move closer to family now
thinking about children or expenses or both, finances stable and you will have no problems, efforts towards profession are praiseworthy, students focus towards studies not upto the mark
doing very well, words cannot explain the stability and possible growth in profession, your doing well in career can also cause stress beware and take care of health
you have entered a period of excellent professional involvement you can benefit from this devoted input, when everything is stable then shy worry without cause
pressure on financial inflows, your savings help you to meet your needs, God is kind to support you either way, dont let any stress affect your health
your involvement and focus leads to higher financial inflows, these inflows are stable also, your elder brother is like your father, he has all kinds of good will for you
health of spouse cause tensions, constant focus for gain of knowledge can give financial rewards, have some more patience and you will see the rewards of your hard work
relationships can be distressing, they can lead to disputes and differences of opinion, too much confusion on your mind, see the logic of each step which you take
weak period, many tensions, monetary stability cannot alone bring joy in life, there is more to life than money, balance is needed to bring about real auspiciousness to emerge
auspiciousness will flow in ample measure, finances, profession, education, marriage, you name it everything is stable, but you are worried because you are under those habitual forces, be at ease
problems obstacles and conflicts by the evening, exercise patience and a lot of protection can be there, stay focused, dont let ups and downs of thinking harm your interests

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