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Thursday, July 5, 2007

5th July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

your self confidence is becoming very positive towards practical approach, some confusions still remain in the form of doubts or anxieties, complete the formalities if buying property
you are doing just fine in your career, then why are you dissatisfied, don’t run after unachievable goals, that will not bring happiness, small steps become giant leaps of achievements
travels getting activated, money will be requited for that, expenses for children are auspicious, just go ahead, God is there to protect you
on hand there are mild obstacles on the other your sensitiveness is increasing those factors, look at the virtues, profession stable, monetary inflows, children doing fine then why worry for no reason
luck favors you, finances are stable, professions commitment increasing, differences in family get aggravated c\because of you suspecting nature
expenses rising, health concerns need careful handling and proper treatment, take another medical opinion if you are not satisfied
profession is stable, don’t have doubts on your abilities, you are just doing fine, average circumstances are the best, hence be thankful to God
outside support for your professional ventures increasing, your knowledge is your strength, even if other circumstances not as favorable, worries for home and family are there
postpone or avoid travels or change of place, there are tensions in them, just stick to your professional focus, everything else is to be ignored
hidden factors in profession may upset you, pressures on finances increasing, lot of patience needed, don’t take any hasty decisions,
students doing fine in studies, profession stable, health is the cause for concern, devote more focus towards your marriage or spouse, you had been neglecting them
luck favors you despite some worries, worries for expenses and children, avoid travels

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