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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

11th July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

gains from property, psychologically stable and happy period, you must gain from this auspiciousness, your self-confidence is high to give you gains in financial dealings
focus is towards profession, your positive efforts can do wonders for you, your spouse may be indifferent towards you, that may be painful
protect yourself form losses, financial pressures may be there, this may be in a subtle manner, you are too confused, that is not a good indication, protect from disputes as you may be provoked for that
psychologically stable and happy, happiness form friends and well-wishers, younger brother or sister may be a cause for concern, career in the right direction
undecided in considering change in job, consider that it can give you good financial gains, you are likely to be very lucky in your efforts
lucky financial gains are likely, wasteful and unplanned expenses may be there, attitude of boss may leave you uneasy, health needs care
profession stable, still you are not comfortable, uneasiness is there, financial stability will protect you form this uneasiness
dissatisfactions at home, even with your best intensions you may be branded as a bad person, it is not always good to be forceful, be calm and have peace
psychological upsets, dissatisfactions are there, profession is stable, still uneasy, these are the ups and downs of life like the sunshine and rain
considering a love relationship, but it may have hidden obstacles in it, professional uneasiness is there, family support is adequate, but it is not enough to give happiness
disputes in family will bother you, uneasiness and confusions, stay focused towards profession, that can only protect your from these negative forces
children trying to perform well, they have to be motivated, this is not the best of times for you, family pressures will be there

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