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Monday, July 2, 2007

2nd July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

your hard work can give you gains or promotion, financial gains is the immediate possibility, professional excellence will follow, change of place may not be fruitful
financial gains from property or family, happiness from professional achievements, very lucky period to support you in many ways
you have doubts on the outcome of your efforts and hard work, that leads to ups and downs in life, financial stability ensured, some obstacles or delays is the way of life, learn to live with it
financial outflows bothering you, they are of routine nature and you will have to plan well, scope for improvement in professional achievements also, you are doing well but can do better
your focus and competitiveness can bring excellent results, avoid differences of opinion or conflicts, finances stable, if some funds have been stuck then be tactful, don’t create dispute
differences with boss can cause upsets in profession, shed the confusions of your mind, your friends may prove to be selfish, that may upset you
financial gains are indicated, profession stable and no real issues, confusions not letting your real abilities to emerge, family is very supportive
beware of differences of opinion with boss, routine pressures of work keep you stressed, avoid self created differences on account of your stiff nature
less than expected efforts, luck favors you, show case your abilities, only then rewards will flow, now is the time to act and prove your worth
obstacles and conflicts may bother you, keep a lot of patience, finances stable, health may be a mild concern, relationships strong, take your decisions fast
relationships cause stress, you are being too rigid, that can cause upsets, luck is supporting you, that is your strength,
avoid disputes in family, finances stable, your abilities may be questioned, friends and relations give you happiness

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