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Sunday, July 29, 2007

29nd July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

very stable week, mid week has confusions and disatsifactions, you desire to earn more, don’t worry you can fulfill your dreams
you want to change your job, some disatsifactions will prevail, financial inflows and stability is ensured, generally stable week, have stable outlook towards life
beginning of week stressed, from Tuesday you have happiness on professional and financial fronts, health is a concern protect your self from high expenses and losses
business profits are ensured, very auspicious for profession, travels are also directed towards professional gains
mid week strong for professional matters, otherwise stressed week, you have to face the challenges, don’t have diverted focus, you are likely to make mistakes, be careful
profession stable but personal angle stressful, especially students need to understand that even marriage may be under stress, lot of care needed for all this
first half gives professional growth and stability, second half gives tensions, health concerns may be there, mixed influences, financial pressures may be there
second half gives family concerns, financial pressures may continue, pressure of work, more involvement needed from your side, are you ready for that
stressful week for you, past emotions have to be buried, look at the new life which opens up for you, financial growth is indicated
many concerns in the beginning of week, your expenses will be met adequately, routine matters bother you, lot of patience is needed, do deep breathing exercises, have faith in God
beginning of week is average, health issues are there, from Tuesday lot of happiness, students progressing well and are focused
this week is stable except health concerns, profession or business is particularly stable, there is no worry, family happiness is ensured, you need to involve better with children

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