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Friday, July 13, 2007

13th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

desire to improve your efforts and hard work is praiseworthy, stay focused and you will achieve this desire, don’t be confused, you may be unhappy with friends, don’t expect too much
concentrate if appearing for interview, you will do well, ups and downs of obstacles will be there, overall nothing to worry, family support happiness and prosperity is ensured
dissatisfied about overall circumstances, you think that luck is not favoring you, actually it is not like that, your self-confidence and hard work will be your strength
Profession is stable, other factors are weak, have lot of patience, most of the obstacles will be removed soon
focus towards work and life is good, you are dissatisfied, it is normal and human nature, it motivates, but too much of it leads to depression and unhappiness
professional obstacles, differences of opinion may be there, which may spoil the stability of profession, these differences are not based on facts
very stable period, nothing to worry, only weakness is lack of trust in own abilities, don’t let that happen, you have to\he capability to achieve anything
stress of work continuing, some tensions in family ongoing, beware, take positive steps to sail through safely
generally happy period, don’t let your uneasiness spoil the ability to work hard, you have the abilities and you will achieve a lot in life
health concerns are there, your tensions are causing upsets, take recourse to family and financial strength that is the divine blessing
students have excellent abilities, but something is wrong, unless you understand your own weaknesses you cant improve this situation
don’t plan anything which is connected with far off distances, your awareness about that may not be true, you can go wrong in taking those decisions

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