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Saturday, July 28, 2007

28th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Financial pressures may be there, you cant depend on others, your own efforts will prove you right, you are a winner, no body can stop you from achieving success in life
financial inflows and savings indicated, lot of support emerging for you, health is a concern, professional stress is increasing
reconsider travel plans, they may be cancelled, needless and hidden obstacles have to considered, don’t annoy our supporters and well wishers
financial pressures are likely, your professional strength will gradually start giving rewards, your friends may not support you, accept that fact
professional stress needs to be controlled, differences of opinion will be there, you need to give more time to your children
generally stable period, some financial needs but they will be met adequately, it is a period of challenges, you will have to work hard to meet those challenges
generally auspicious period, more funds needed in business, for that some financial pressures may be there, students need to shed their doubts in their abilities
you may reconsider your plans for changes in life, stability is more important, your stress is gradually reducing now
financial pressures may be built, your health shows ups and downs, greatest achievements lie hidden in small steps which we take every day
professional stress which was going on for a while will be controlled now, it is more in the form of acceptance of reality than anything else, Boss is supportive but you are continuing to do mistakes
stable period, no real ups and downs, your uneasiness and shifting stand needs stability and improvement, profession is stable and happy
period of obstacles and problems, you will still manage your affairs well, disputes may cause losses or outflows, that needs to be handled well

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