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Friday, July 20, 2007

20th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

family disputes can be resolved with patience and mutual understanding, your being firm can help, don’t fight, students are not devoting time in studies
efforts in studies focused, tensions with life partner are getting prolonged, have trust in each other, that is precisely not there, profession circumstances getting weak because of confusions of mind
desire to invest in property can be rewarding, you can raise loan for that, students have diverted focus, also lack of trust in own self, that cannot help
despite your desire to do well your uneasy attempts or efforts not good, business or profession can bring good financial gains, gains form property also there, your abilities are unquestionable
expenses or losses can be there, professional focus is weak as you are not satisfied,, dissatisfactions can be good upto a point, be thankful to God
profession stable, many other areas of life weak, health studies financial pressures all these not upto the mark, these are the reasons for your tensions
desire for change for two purposes for moving away and for financial gains, look for opportunities, they can be very rewarding
very lucky period, financial gains are possible, professional uneasiness may continue, people will take some more time to believe in your abilities, your strengths will be recognized
some upsets or obstacles in profession, have lot of patience, your knowledge and abilities have to get focused, don’t be uneasy, don’t panic, have faith in God
focus on your marriage, don’t let conflicts risk the stability of your marriage, health is a concern, that requires proper diagnosis, profession is weak and needs care
weak period, health issues, conflicts and obstacles are there, on top of that you are psychologically uneasy also
emotional involvement can lead to marriage, take care of health, you are neglecting your well being, financial stability is ensured

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