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Sunday, July 8, 2007

8th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly forecasts

you wish to achieve a lot and you have the abilities, psychologically you are stressed, that causes tensions and disputes, lot of patience is required
your focus towards family and prosperity is good, you are somehow dissatisfied with family linkages, stay connected with family, do as much as you can for them, soon tensions will be removed
professional or business involvement is the key word, investment in business may cause doubts initially, but will prove profitable later, health concerns for upper chest or respiratory tract may bother you
your tensions about possible losses may not be true, you will slowly realize the strength of your profession and finances, the week shapes well for you, you have the abilities to achieve and you will achieve
very favorable week, all kinds of gains, have faith in others only then others will support you, health concerns are lily to be resolved soon
from middle of week overall circumstances will become stable and happy, luck is not favoring, take extra care in taking decisions
profession will remain stable, some stress will remain through out the week, stress not justified as lots of things are stable, be thankful to God and don’t have tensions, that can spoil your health
professional and personal obstacles continue to bother you, have some more patience, a lot of goodness and divine blessing is coming your way, that will be linked with your knowledge and hard work
first half of week is stable and favorable, from middle of week tensions will increase, they may be connected with health and family, health is always of prime importance, don’t ever neglect that
generally favorable circumstances during the week, finances are strong, some professional or health stress during the middle of week, students are just wasting their time in useless pursuits
God is kind to give you all kinds of prosperity and gains, try to have faith in others and in your self, being too critical doesn’t help in life
finances stable, profession strong, health of spouse and other family members may bother you, still overall auspiciousness is ensured

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