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Sunday, July 15, 2007

15th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

you are concentrating on work, your hard work done now will give you financial gains in future, you must understand the importance of knowledge,
excellent focus towards work, confusions in health condition is not a good indication, your friendships may not last, prepare yourself for that
financial pressures may upset you, don’t make any big expense, you don’t need that, even without that you are comfortable, think about it, you will be convinced
weak period generally, upsets and obstacles may bother you, worried for the stability of inflows, savings are under pressure
very weak period, psychologically and also in reality, luck favors you so much that you achieve despite weak period, bhagya saath de to kya nahin ho sakta
generally supportive period, everything is positive and auspicious for you, only your luck is not favoring you, sudden changes in life can be upsetting
avoid disputes or differences of opinion, especially if that has any financial connection, your well wishers can change their stand, hence don’t depend on them
the focus is on your skills and knowledge, you have to depend on that strength time and again, you understand that importance also and gain form it periodically
psychologically upsetting because you are not concentrating on your work, just improve your efforts and everything will be good, students are doing well in their studies
desire for travels or change need to be reconsidered, taking major decisions in weak periods can be risky, don’t take that risk, have some patience
you may be keen to raise funds from loans, most of it will be lost in wasteful outflows, take well considered decisions
your focus towards improving professional knowledge can be very beneficial, don’t take hasty decisions in property matters, wait for a while

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