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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

3rd July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

excellent financial stability, support from spouse and family, you need to work hard to achieve success, you have the ability to do so
very auspicious period, some ups and downs in finances still stable and without tensions, your expenses cause tensions in the family
financial gains stable but you are worried, generally auspicious period, you have nothing really to worry, despite some differences your career is shaping well
stable period, some obstacles were bothering you in the past, very soon you will be out of them, students can gain with their knowledge and abilities, they have that in abundance
health is a concern, don’t let dissatisfactions spoil the marital relations, you are on the verge of an excellent period in your career, benefit from that
excellent financial gains, profession stable, confusion about change can be there, don’t panic, have patience, your hard work will benefit you as always
profession very stable ad rewarding, some erratic expenses or losses may bother you, you are thinking of ways to earn money, nothing wrong in that, that is also essential in life,
luck favors you, that keeps your stress under control, your efforts are being appreciated now, be thankful to God for all this
you are stress and tensions, you have a lot of abilities, they are not being used fully, your friends are trying to misguide you in life, be practical and don’t live in the world of make belief
everything stable except health, you will have to keep your patience and you focus intact, protect against intrigues at work place
health concerns may be there, family disputes need careful handling, your relationships are supportive and happy, business needs constant investment, plan for that
worries about studies, finances stable but money cannot bring success, only hard work can

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